• The 2nd Industry Forummore

    Karpacz, December 8-10

    The 2nd Industry Forum in Karpacz will offer an opportunity for a broad debate on the key issues of European industry. During the three day conference dozens of events will be held i.a.: debates, plenary sessions, presentations, reports and thematic blocks.

  • 10th Europe – Ukraine Forummore

    Rzeszów, January 26-28, 2017

    "Opportunities Not To Be Missed" is the motto of 10th Forum Europe - Ukraine. The debates of the Forum will evolve around the key issues of the economic potential of Ukraine, energy security, international relations, the impact of culture and historical memory on the current relations between nations, regional development opportunities and cooperation with partners from Poland and the other European countries.

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  • 26th Economic Forum (2016)more

    6th - 8th September Krynica Zdrój, Poland,

    A record number of registered participants and accredited journalists, over two hundred thematic debates and special events, the participation of the heads of governments and parliaments, as well as ministers and parliamentarians from the countries of our region. The theme of this year's meeting "Europe facing challenges – united or divided?" reflected the current situation on the Old Continent. There were over 3500 participants at 26th Economic Forum and nearly 600 journalists from dozens of countries.

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The registration to the II Industry Forum has been closed

Please be kindly informed that the registration and media accreditation to II Industry Forum (December 8-10) has been closed. Thank you for your interest!


The Head of the Committee for Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Supreme Council of Ukraine will be the guest of the Industry Forum

Viktor Halasiuk is a member of the National Reform Council, a special authority under the President of Ukraine.

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Head of Unit New Energy Technologies and Innovation, DG Energy in European Commission – the guest of the 2nd Industry Forum

Andreea Strachinescu will take part in the discussion panel Energy Without Borders: International Cooperation on Renewable Energy and Green Technolog. 


The President of PKN ORLEN Wojciech Jasiński – the guest of the 2nd Industry Forum

On 16 December 2015 Mr. Wojciech Jasiński was appointed by the Supervisory Board of PKN ORLEN S.A. to the function of the President of the Company’s Management Board for the joint term of office of the Management Board.


Digital Economy – discussion on digitization in Poland during the Industry Forum

The digital revolution is the driving force of the economy of our times, but the world is still waiting for a European digital giant like Google or Facebook. Could it develop in Poland?


The Speaker of the Polish Senat Stanisław Karczewski will be the guest of 2nd Industry Forum in Karpacz

Since November 2015 he has been the Speaker of the Senate /Ninth Term/. Previously Mr Karczewski was the Deputy Marshal of the Eighth Term Senate and a member of the Sixth Term Senate.

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International medical tourism will be among topics discussed during 2nd Industry Forum

International medical tourism has several driving forces. Different countries emphasise various strengths they have in order to attract foreign patients and they also use different strategies to succeed in this growing industry.


Founders of “Italian Stories” online platform at the 2nd Industry Forum in Karpacz

Italian Stories is the first online platform that connects travelers to local Italian artisans through authentic experiences.  Through to this platform travelers can easily book an experience.


The President of the German Heinrich Böll Foundation at the 2nd Industry Forum in Karpacz

Ralf Fücks has been a member of the executive board of the Heinrich Böll Foundation since 1996. The primary focus of his work is on sustainable development, reshaping the welfare state, migration, the future of European integration, and on foreign policy.


The discussion about the energy security in Central Europe at the 2nd Industry Forum

Countries of Central and Eastern Europe, which are still largely dependent on oil and gas imports from Russia, are particularly interested in improving energy security.

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The discussion “How to Invest in the Health of the Employees?” at the Industry Forum in Karpacz

Good health shape of employees has a significant contribution to increasing labour efficiency and  productivity  and affects longer labour market participation.


The Polish Deputy Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki – the guest of the 2nd Industry Forum

"The role of the state is to create the best possible conditions for development, for entrepreneurs. That way the modern economic ecosystems are created"- said the Minister of Development and Finance of Poland.


Energy Without Borders: International Cooperation on Renewable Energy and Green Technology

The growing importance of energy security issues as well as the importance of cooperation of countries in the energy sector will be discussed during the panel during the 2nd Industry Forum in Karpacz.


KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. and PKO Bank Polski will be strategic partners of the 2nd Industry Forum

The 2nd Industry Forum in Karpacz will offer an opportunity for a broad debate on the key issues of European industry. During the three day conference dozens of events will be held i.a.: debates, plenary sessions, presentations, reports and thematic blocks.

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The debate about the changes in the vocational education system at the 2nd Industrial Forum

We cordially invite you to take part in the panel "Vocational Training as a Pillar of Economic Growth" on Industrial Forum in Karpacz (8-10 December).

Main Partner of Economic Forum






The Host City of Economic Forum



Guests about the Forum more

adamkus Valdas Adamkus, Former President of Lithuania
I am convinced that the upcoming Forum will contribute to the further successful development of cooperation between the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. A good political and economic situation in all the CEE countries is an important matter for all of us. The Forum in Krynica - Zdroj increases our determination to cooperate. It also gives us an excellent opportunity to contribute to the realization of the idea of a free and united Europe.

Media about the Forum more

  • euronews115
    Poland should hold a referendum following a public debate on whether it should enter the euro zone”, President Andrzej Duda said in Krynica. “I think that ultimately there should be a referendum on this issue after a thorough debate”, President Duda said.
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    The Economic Forum in Krynica has been an important platform for European debate for 25 years. Nowadays, as the European Union is facing numerous challenges and threats- the discussion on the future of the European community and economy is even much more needed. 
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    Poland’s politics is in time of upheaval and the business leaders are preparing for a new reality six weeks before elections by wooing the party that plans to impose more taxes on banks and retailers.