• 9th Europe - Ukraine Forummore

    24th-26th January 2016 Łodz,

    Europe-Ukraine Forum - nearly 500 participants from Ukraine, EU, Russia, neighbouring states and the USA, including government members, politicians, businessmen, regional officials, representatives of international organizations and think-tanks.

  • 2nd European Congress of Local Governments more

    5th– 6th April 2016 Krakow

    "Local Government Today – People, Cooperation, Innovations" The European Congress of Local Governments will be an opportunity for Polish and Central European local governments to discuss ways of increasing efficiency in using EU structural funds. It will also be an occasion to share experiences and make new contacts.

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  • Opening the 9th Europe-Ukraine Forummore

    Marek Kuchcinski, Speaker of the Polish Parliament, said that the Forum could be seen as a summary of the political process taking place in Ukraine, which resulted in the association agreement with the European Union. Ukraine has paid a great price for this choice; as a matter of fact, it is still being paid, as people are still dying in the East of Ukraine. Therefore, the country and its heroes deserve special respect. Ukraine has abandoned the two-vector strategy – equal distance from both Russia and Europe – in favour of getting closer to the EU


After the Local Elections – Will the Ukraine’s Political Map Change?

Political forces in Ukraine used national topics but not regional ones during local elections. Import issues such as deception during local elections were not focussed. Decentralization is needed in Ukraine and should develop, thus


Prospects for Energy Cooperation between the EU and Ukraine

The biggest achievement in 2015 was the launch of reverse gas flow to the EU. The signing of agreement between Polish Gas system and Ukrainian Naftogas was another step that was undertaken. 


NATO as Ukraine’s Partner. Membership Prospects

The case of Ukraine is important for the security because a large part of the country has been occupied. He noticed that the size of Crimea is similar to the size of Sicily, Sardine or Belgium and Europeans wouldn’t feel comfortable if one of this territories was occupied by anyone. 


Business and Politics. Do Oligarchs Still Rule the Country?

What we should do now is to speak about modernisation of economy. However, we have to remember that oligarchs are strongly related with business so we have to be careful not to destabilise this environment.


The 9th Europe-⁠Ukraine Forum has started

The presentation of reports began 9th Europe – Ukraine Forum. The first report presented by Viktor Zamyatin, Leading expert of Political and Legal Programmes, Razumkov Centre for Economic & Political Studies The second report presented Phillip Karber, President of The Potomac Foundation, one of the best American experts. International security.


DCFTA – Will Ukraine make the most of the opportunity?

Economic, political, legal and social implications of the implementation of the DCFTA agreement will be widely discussed at the forum Europe – Ukraine, which will take place in Lodz on 24-26 January 2016.

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Guests about the Forum more

tusk Donald Tusk, Polish Prime Minister
Today from Krynica, tomorrow from Warsaw, but also from Brussels and Strasbourg a very strong voice shall be heard, supporting all those, who believe in the sense of European integration, not only as status quo, but also as further actions in the name of integration.

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  • euronews115
    Poland should hold a referendum following a public debate on whether it should enter the euro zone”, President Andrzej Duda said in Krynica. “I think that ultimately there should be a referendum on this issue after a thorough debate”, President Duda said.
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    The Economic Forum in Krynica has been an important platform for European debate for 25 years. Nowadays, as the European Union is facing numerous challenges and threats- the discussion on the future of the European community and economy is even much more needed. 
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    Poland’s politics is in time of upheaval and the business leaders are preparing for a new reality six weeks before elections by wooing the party that plans to impose more taxes on banks and retailers.