• Industry Forummore

    18-20 December Karpacz,

    An active state policy, innovation, EU’s climate policy and infrastructure development will be the focus of the Industry Forum. Since the global economic crisis broke out in 2008, the industrial development and reindustrialization of Europe have returned to economic debate.

  • 9th Europe - Ukraine Forummore

    24th-26th January 2016 Łodz,

    Europe-Ukraine Forum - nearly 500 participants from Ukraine, EU, Russia, neighbouring states and the USA, including government members, politicians, businessmen, regional officials, representatives of international organizations and think-tanks.

  • 25th Economic Forummore

    8-10 September 2015, Krynica-Zdrój, Poland

    Organized for over 20 years, the Economic Forum in Krynica has become the biggest and the most important meeting place for political and economic leaders from Central and Eastern Europe.By that very fact, the Forum not only accompanies social and economic changes in our region, but also shapes them.


Economic Forum is a partner of the 8th Balkan Energy Finance Forum

The 8th Southeast Europe Energy event will unite key players from across the Energy industry, from both private and public sectors, tackling key issues facing market developments in light of current sector transformations


Debate: Renovation of Buildings: the Way to Economic Stability and Energy Security

EuroACE, the European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings, organised an important debate on the role of ambitious renovation of buildings on the economy and on energy security during the 25th Economic Forum.


9th Forum of Regions – the local government and business together

Dozens of debates in two thematic paths, mayors, marshals, representatives of central authorities – such was the Forum of Regions organised during the Economic Forum in Krynica-Zdrój, Poland. 


6th Healthcare Forum – important topics, influential guest

Financing health care system; additional healthcare insurance; ontological treatment; policy for seniors – these were the main topics of Healthcare Forum that was held 8-10 of September in Krynica Zdroj.


18 European Health Forum Gastein

Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies in cooperation with Janssen will be a host of the workshop devoted to “Equity and solidarity in EU healthcare systems. Facts an myths.


Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz at the 25th Economic Forum

The third day of the Economic Forum in Krynica was opened by Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz. The Polish prime minister devoted her speech to the issues connected with budget for 2016 and migration.


Debate: Economy, business, politics – challenges for Poland

The Law and Justice's candidate for prime minister declared during the debate her support for development of entrepreneurship in Poland. „Please do not be afraid, we are oriented towards the economy and entrepreneurship” 


Debate: What Should Business Know about the Labor Market?

In the last few years the labor market has undergone considerable transformation – wage pressure from employees, social resistance against junk contracts and high taxes.

6. James L. Jones150.

Security Forum of the Economic Forum

Attention of the participants will centre around issues connected with the European security strategy, cybersecurity, technologies and armament, provision of energy supply, the role of NATO and hybrid war.


The Role of Gas in the Future Energy Mix. Is There a Need for a Greater Diversification of Gas Supply Routes to Europe?

The panel will discuss the outlook for gas in Central and Easter Europe as well as the diversification of gas supply routes to Europe. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is becoming a more popular option, both in the energy sector as well as in transport.

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Guests about the Forum more

kwasniewski Aleksander Kwaśniewski, Former President of the Republic of Poland
(...) One may already say that the Krynica's Forum has become a rooted, recognized institution, which plays its role in Central and Eastern Europe, and I think even in a broader sense - in Europe. (...) I am convinced that such meetings can be likened to a seed planted in the ground, which bears fruit with time. I believe that this fruit will constitute better communication and understanding, increasingly broader possibilities for cooperation, many new mutual initiatives and specific actions at different levels and platforms. They will be building a good future not only for our own nations, but also for the whole European continent.

Media about the Forum more

  • euronews115
    Poland should hold a referendum following a public debate on whether it should enter the euro zone”, President Andrzej Duda said in Krynica. “I think that ultimately there should be a referendum on this issue after a thorough debate”, President Duda said.
  • forbes115
    The Economic Forum in Krynica has been an important platform for European debate for 25 years. Nowadays, as the European Union is facing numerous challenges and threats- the discussion on the future of the European community and economy is even much more needed. 
  • BBW_150
    Poland’s politics is in time of upheaval and the business leaders are preparing for a new reality six weeks before elections by wooing the party that plans to impose more taxes on banks and retailers.