• 25th Economic Forummore

    8-10 September 2015, Krynica-Zdrój, Poland

    Organized for over 20 years, the Economic Forum in Krynica has become the biggest and the most important meeting place for political and economic leaders from Central and Eastern Europe.By that very fact, the Forum not only accompanies social and economic changes in our region, but also shapes them.

  • 8th Investment Forum (2015)more

    7-8 September 2015, Tarnów, Poland

    The Forum will be attended by about 300 guests: investors from Poland and East-Central Europe, as well as representatives of governments and parliaments, responsible for the processes of privatization in Central Europe.

  • Security Forum (2015)more

    9-10 September 2015 Krynica-Zdrój, Poland

    For years, the European countries were convinced that they had achieved the absolute level of security. However, the crisis in Ukraine and the tensions in relations with Russia on the one hand, as well as frequent terrorist attacks and the rising power of the Islamic State on the other, proved just how wrong this belief was.Taking into account the current geopolitical situation the issues of security and defence are gaining in importance in the international debate.

  • 6th Healthcare Forum (2015)more

    8-10 September 2015, Krynica-Zdrój, Poland

    Last year's edition of the Healthcare Forum has shown that health is main topic in the public debate and it’s still current. New health services, using of new innovation technologies, including e-health platform, shows that the discussion is necessary and should take place on many levels. In this year, discussion will be concern analysis of oncology therapies, the organization of hospitals, management and restructuring.

 6. James L. Jones150.

Security Forum of the Economic Forum

Attention of the participants will centre around issues connected with the European security strategy, cybersecurity, technologies and armament, provision of energy supply, the role of NATO and hybrid war.


The Role of Gas in the Future Energy Mix. Is There a Need for a Greater Diversification of Gas Supply Routes to Europe?

The panel will discuss the outlook for gas in Central and Easter Europe as well as the diversification of gas supply routes to Europe. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is becoming a more popular option, both in the energy sector as well as in transport.


Guests 25th Economic Forum – Mihai Razvan Ungureanu

From my brief experience with the Forum, I believe we can add that choosing to be here is a step forward towards finding a cure for what ails us. Putting together members of the academic, political and economic elite can


Anniversary 25th Economic Forum

Already in less in than three weeks, the anniversary 25th Economic Forum will begin in Krynica-Zdroj. The motto of this year’s conference, "How to build strong Europe? Strategies for the future" corresponds to the challenges confronted by the Old Continent


Debates Economic Forum – Security Forum

The first attempts to define the hybrid war can be traced back to the Trojan War. One of the examples of this kind of war is currently taking place in Donbas. The catalogue of the applied strategies and tactics include 


The 25th Economic Forum in Krynica. Take a look to see why you should be there!

Significant declarations concerning the economic policy have been made in Krynica for many years, while opinions of conference participants have been regularly quoted by the world’s media and extensively discussed among experts.


STARTUP AWARD competition!The main prize 100 000 zlotys

It is already the 8th edition of the Investment Forum, scheduled to be held between the 7th and 8th of September 2015 in Tarnow. This year we organize the competition START UP AWARD for the first time.


The 25th Economic Forum – press release

The anniversary, 25th Economic Forum in Krynica-Zdrój is scheduled to be held between the 8th and the 10th of September this year."How to build strong Europe? Strategies for the future” is the title of the plenary session opening this year’s Forum.

Pokryzysowy swiat-150

Giants are arriving to Krynica

Carlo d'AsaroBiondo: Chief Operating Officer of Google for Central Europe: the today’s technology, which improves communication among people, makes them closer to one another in the same time. 


Former prime minister of Greece about the reasons behind the crisis

The situation in Greece is in the centre of attention of politicians, economists and political scientists from the entire world.  According to the opinion-forming weekly ‘The Economist’, the future of the European Union is in the Greek hands. 


8th Investment Forum – new format, interesting guests!

New models of management within companies, digitization, the Internet of Things,  industrial clusters, effective use of funds under the new EU perspective are the leading topics of the eighth edition of the Investment Forum in Tarnów.

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Guests about the Forum more

buzek Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament
This forum has always been important, and now it has become even more significiant, because we want to recover from the crisis as soon as possible. And here entrepreneurs, local self-government activists and politicians debate exactly, how to lead economy out of crisis. And a few years ago we discussed, how to reach economic growth at the level of 5-6 percent, and, we have already succeeded in it. That is why, I am convinced that thanks to this forum it will be possible even faster.

Media about the Forum more

  • Logo_PM_Economist
    This lavish multilingualism was on Johnson’s mind at a conference last week in Krynica, just inside Poland near the border with Slovakia. The annual gathering (billed as “the Davos of the east”) is a kind of showcase for today’s Europe. The conference, though heavily Polish in attendance, is officially trilingual (English and Russian materials are available everywhere), and even more multilingual in its attendees. A typical panel featured two Hungarians, one Pole, one Czech, one German and one American.
  • Financial-Times-Logo
    This week’s Krynica Economic Forum, set in a spa town in the southern Polish mountains, is the most high-profile business conference for central and eastern Europe. Ukraine is the word on everybody’s lips. The conference opened with a speaker saying the Ukraine conflict was a bigger threat to the region than the 2008 financial crisis, describing it as “the toughest discussion we have ever had to tackle”.
  • Le Monde/Logo-Noir.eps
    Three thousands participants – from Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, as well as from Lithuania and Germany and, what is a novelty, also from India and China - once again came to measure the pulse of Central and Eastern Europe.