4th European Congress of Local Governments

Kraków, 26-27 April 2018

Local government as a strategy for the future

Multilateral and direct cooperation between European regions and cities has in recent years developed in social and economic fields till the point at which it significantly affects not only politics and the economies of individual countries but also of the entire continent.
In these difficult times cities and regions are refuge of Europe which needs unity and solidarity.
The 4th European Congress of Local Governments is a meeting platform for local leaders and regional elites to exchange views with public administration, NGOs and business.

The diversified programme will consist of 5 thematic tracks, with more than 60 events: thematic blocks, panel discussions, workshops, lectures, presentations and receptions.

Date and place:

  • 26–27 April 2018
  • ICE Kraków Congress Centre, ul. Marii Konopnickiej 17, Kraków


Day 1:
  • plenary session
  • thematic blocks – debates, workshops, lectures, presentations
  • Awards Ceremony – Leader in Local Government
  • banquet
Day 2:
  • thematic blocks – debates, workshops, lectures, presentations
  • plenary session
  • banquet

Congress guests:

Nearly 2 000 people – regional elites, government officials, business executives, NGOs, journalists from all over Europe.


Institute for Eastern Studies, organiser of the Economic Forum in Krynica.

Main media partner:

Strategic partner:

Tauron Polska Energia

TAURON Polska Energia SA is a holding company in the capital group and is engaged in coal mining, manufacture, distribution and sale of energy. TAURON Group is one of main business entities in Poland, the largest distributor and one of the largest sellers and producers of electricity. The shares of TAURON Polska Energia SA are listed on The Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The Company is a part of the index of socially responsible companies – RESPECT Index.

Commercial partners:


Polish Mutual Insurance Company  was established as PZU Group in response to the growing interest in mutual insurance. Mutual insurance gives the opportunity of better risk management, contracts cost optimization and reducing time of concluding insurance contracts for corporate clients and hospitals.

Mutual Insurance Company is one of two allowed forms of insurance activity in Polish law along with a joint-stock company. The Mutual insures its members on the basis of mutuality, and if the membership depends on the conclusion of the insurance contract it allows the insured communities (Mutual Cooperations Membership) to be established. In accordance with the strategy, the first phase of TUW PZUW’s operations was focused on three market segments: corporate clients, hospital entities and affinity programs. Since 2018, the company’s insurance target group has been expanded by the local government units.

Orange Polska

Orange Polska is a leading provider of telecommunications services in Poland in all segments of the telecommunications market. It has the largest infrastructure in the country. It offers services in the most modern technologies, provides comprehensive solutions for business, including being a key supplier of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions on the Polish market. Together with Partners, it provides solutions that help reduce costs, improve the safety and comfort of everyday life for the inhabitants of city and communities.


As a world leader in medical technology, with over 125 years of experience delivering significant innovations, Philips is committed to creating comprehensive solutions to improve air quality and to encourage patients to control its condition.

Philips has developed air purifiers, humidifiers and 2in1 appliances that reduce many harmful pollutants and allergens in the air that can cause health problems, improve the quality of dry air, and help control its quality. Philips devices allow you to breathe cleaner and healthier indoor air.

Bank Zachodni WBK

Bank Zachodni WBK is one of the largest and most innovative financial institutions in Poland.

We are also one of the most vibrant and fastest-growing banks in Poland today, meeting the needs of millions of personal customers, small or medium-sized enterprises and large corporations. We offer complex financial services to the highest standards, supported by modern banking technology. Customer relationships that are based on mutual trust are the single most important asset for us. It is one of most active in working with large firms and corporations. We have built our position based on, among other things, knowledge of market conditions in particular sectors of the Polish economy. The main shareholder of Bank Zachodni WBK is Santander, the number one bank in the Eurozone and the eleventh biggest in the world in terms of market capitalisation.

Supra Brokers

We are an insurance broker who professionally deals with risk management for our clients. We provide dedicated and customized innovative insurance solutions. We have an integrated quality management system and information security implemented in accordance with ISO 9001 and 27001. We have nationwide coverage according to the company’s motto “from Hel to Zakopane”.


DZP is the largest of the Polish law firms. For 25 years our experts have advised clients from all business sectors. We currently have over 150 experts in various specialisations. What distinguishes us is our engagement, availability and full understanding of our clients’ needs. We take a holistic approach to problems. We believe that close relations bring better solutions. We maintain our good reputation and professional prestige thanks to the years’ experience in advising on large complex projects, introducing innovative solutions and working with very demanding clients.


Virtual Power Plant (VPPlant) offers energy management services for modern buildings for energy costs reduction and easier charging electric vehicles. We implement technology named Enabler DSR, which adjusts the consumption of electricity and heat in large scale buildings to their variable occupancy while maintaining comfort perceived by the people inside. Our services for swimming pools increase energy efficiency and health conditions.

 FBSerwis S.A.

FBSerwis S.A. provides integrated services in scope of infrastructure maintenance, environment and energy efficiency. The company carries out contracts for the maintenance of over 1300 km of national roads and motorways, street lighting modernization, waste collection from almost 1 million citizens, owns regional municipal waste treatment facilities and provides Facility Management services for real estate and industrial portfolio of more than 1 million m2 for commercial and public clients.

Greygoose Outsourcing

Highest standards in the field of human resources management, effective recruitment procedures and focus on legal employment and payroll – it’s what identifies us. We are specialists in supplying professional workforce to polish factories, especially from Ukraine. Employees are the growth engine of every business – we find the best ones in order to improve activities and to reduce costs for our Clients. We were trusted by the biggest, international companies.


AVR S.A. forms a part of the capital group centred on AVR S.p.A, based in Rome.

The company was founded to carry out the following services: roads and motorways maintenance, urban greenery maintenance and carrying out municipal services. Apart from the aforementioned scope of services, AVR S.A. is also deeply interested in road works, construction and recultivating areas degradated by human activity

The company’s swift development has caused to realise over a dozen contracts in Małopolskie, Śląskie, Podkarpackie and Lubelskie voivodeships by maintaining motorways,  expressways and voivodeship roads, as well as collecting municipal waste from residents of cities and municipalities. Cooperation with big Clients – particularly with the General Directorate of Roads and Motorways, well‑qualified staff, modern equipment and complying with ISO standards makeAVR S.A. successful, effective and professional in all its endeavours.


The Suwałki Special Economic Zone (SSEZ) is one of 14 such areas located in the north-eastern part of the country. It numbers over 660 ha, 64% of which are currently developed, with 240 ha still available for sale.

The Suwałki Zone has seen investments by over 110 entrepreneurs who in total incurred outlays of over 3.5 billion zlotys and hire over 10 thousand people. By the end of March, the Company’s Management Board has already granted 254 permits.

Polowiec i Wspólnicy registered partnership

Polowiec i Wspólnicy sp. j. specializes in legal services for entrepreneurs. Scope of services covers all aspects of business activity, including projects related to power sector, contracts, restructuring, construction. We have vast experience and expertise in business and strategic advice. We provide services both within the territory of Poland and abroad. We run offices in Kraków and Gliwice. We connect practice and science, members of our team are authors of many scientific publications.


Park-M is a leading company in Landscape Architecture and Green Industry. For more than 20 years we have been setting standards and creating trends in Landscape Architecture. Harmoniously and uncompromisingly. Thanks to our comprehensive, rich and diversified offer, constant highly-qualified staff, professional and innovative equipment, own transport base, years of experience, realization of the most prestigious projects in Poland as well as  company’s presence on the international.

Chamber prof. Marek Wierzbowski and Partners – Advocates and Legal Advisors

Chamber prof. Marek Wierzbowski and Partners – Advocates and Legal Advisors was founded in 2004 by Professor Marek Wierzbowski, a former partner in foreign law offices – Weil and Linklaters. We specialize in the areas of capital market, corporate matters, mergers and acquisitions, anti-monopoly law, consumer protection and public aid, litigation and arbitration, public procurement, energy law, real estate and construction, spatial development, environmental protection and local government. The law firm is highly positioned in official national and international rankings.

Veolia Poland

Veolia group in Poland has been a reliable partner of cities and industry in Poland for 20 years offering innovative services tailored to its clients’ needs, constantly developing business in the country. Veolia is consistently investing in the expansion and modernization of its production and distribution infrastructure to ensure the highest quality of service and environmental protection.

Veolia Group in Poland runs business in 75 cities, managing district heating systems in 41 of them.


Warbud SA is one of Poland’s largest general contractors with a strong market position. In over 25 years of existence, it has completed 500 contracts in all the construction sectors – from enclosed structures such as shopping malls, office buildings, housing estates and apartment buildings, through civil engineering works – metro stations, roads, bridges, to hospitals, culture centres, science and technology parks, up to projects in the field of environmental protection and power plants.


Leader in delivering and handling self-serivce bike sharing systems. In Poland Nextbike Polska  operates a fleet of over 12 000 bicycles including Veturilo, the 5th biggest bikesharing system in Europa, and the biggest in CEE. Nextbike Polska daily serves 1,4 mln users in 28 locations in the whole country. This year Nextbike Polska starts also an abroad expantion and will also launch a very first abroad system in the city of Turku, Finland. Nextbike systems complement existing public transport systems, changing the way people in the largest Polish cities move. Once registered in the Nextbike system allows users to rent bikes in all locations in Poland and in 24 countries on 4 continents on the same account.


Nationwide DomoVita Program is a reaction to the general lack of awareness of the high quality and health benefits of tap water and its impact on the quality of life.

Program, created by marketing and medicine experts, offers DomoVita license and provides communities with unique educational and promotional support (DomoVita brand, design projects, professional TV commercial), PR background and intense local campaigns.

Host City: