Is biotechnology 2.0 an opportunity for Polish science and economy? Another ISW conference it forthcoming

For nearly 30 years, the Institute for Eastern Studies, as part of the Economic Forum in Krynica, has been inviting the most important figures of politics, business, science and the media to discuss the key issues for Poland and the region. Undoubtedly, they include broadly understood health care, which due to the richness and multithreading of the issues discussed a few years ago was exposed as a separate event – the Health Protection Forum. For 9 years it has been an inseparable part of the Economic Forum in Krynica, the largest and most important economic and political forum in Central and Eastern Europe. Institute, among others in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, also organizes perimeter discussions outside the Krynica Forum, which are an extension of the subject discussed in the FOZ.   On December 3rd at the Foksal Press Center there will be a debate on “Is biotechnology 2.0 an opportunity for Polish science and the economy?”

Date: Monday, December 3rd, 2018

Place: Foksal Press Center, Dom Dziennikarza, Foksal 3/5 Street, Warsaw

Title: Is Biotechnology 2.0 an opportunity for the Polish science and economy?


Free participation


Invited Speakers:

  • Piotr Dardziński, Ph.D., Secretary of State, Ministry of Science and Higher Education
  • Prof. Marcin Czech, Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Health
  • Peter Grandsard, Ph.D., Executive Director Research, Amgen, Inc.
  • Janis Naeve, Ph.D., Managing Director, Amgen Ventures
  • Marta Gajęcka, Ph.D., Advisor to the President of Poland
  • Radosław Sierpiński, Ph.D., Advisor to the MoH in the field of Medical Research Agency
  • Roman Topór-Mądry, Ph.D., President, the Polish Agency for Health Technology Assessment (AHTA  Pol)
  • Prof. Marcin Moniuszko, Vice Rector, Białystok Medical University
  • Prof. Leszek Kalinowski, Chief Gdańsk Medical University Biobank
  • Łukasz Kozera, Ph.D., Polish Biobank Network, Polish Center for Technology Development



09.30-10.00     Welcome coffee         

10.00-10.05     Opening of the meeting         

10.05-10.15     Biotechnology 2.0 – a potential for science and economy development.

Prof. Marcin Moniuszko

10.15-10.25     Medical Research Agency – one of the pillars of building Poland’s competitive advantage.

Radosław Sierpiński, Ph.D.

10.25-10.35     The leverage of clinical development data to inspire and guide research.

Peter Grandsard, Ph.D.

10.35-10.45     Case: Development of biobanking as a stimulator of the development of biotechnology and personalized medicine.

Minister Piotr Dardziński, Ph.D.

10.45-10.55     Case: Amgen’s Biobank – challenges, benefits and potential.

Peter Grandsard, Ph.D.

10.55-11.05     Case: Criteria assessing the potential of biobanks – legal, social and ethical determinants of biobanking / Quality, safety and ethics in biobanking.

Łukasz Kozera, Ph.D.

11.05-11.15     Increasing the potential of innovation – how global biotechnology leaders are looking for new, future-oriented projects.

Janis Naeve, Ph.D.

11.15-12.15     Moderated discussion: Is Biotechnology 2.0 an opportunity for the development of Polish  science and economy?

Discussion will lead by Iwona Schymalla, Editor-in-Chief, Medexpress

Expected participants of the debate:

  • Prof. Marcin Czech
  • Roman Topór-Mądry, Ph.D.
  • Peter Grandsard, Ph.D.
  • Janis Naeve, Ph.D.
  • Prof. Leszek Kalinowski
  • Marta Gajęcka, Ph.D.

12.15-13.00     Lunch