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9th European Congress of Local Governments

Mikołajki, 6-7 march 2024 r.

‘The future of decentralisation in a changing world’

2  Days



+ 200 Events

+ 200


+ 2500 Participants

+ 2500


The European Congress of Local Governments is a platform for the exchange of views and a meeting place for leaders of local governments, representatives of regional elites, members of the state administration, NGOs and business.

The programme includes more than 200 events: programme blocks, discussion panels, workshops, lectures and presentations. The debates of the Congress will cover, among others, the problems of contemporary urban planning, mechanisms of city and regional development, investment financing, city management, environmental protection, health policy and the activities of local governments in the new reality.


More than 2,500 guests – local government leaders and regional elites, representatives of state administration, business, culture, NGOs, media from the European countries.

Programme assumptions

The Congress program will be carried out in fifteen tracks: Economy, Business and Management, Society, Finance, Sustainable Development, Interregional Cooperation, Regional Culture Forum, Tourism Industry, and Health. Some of the planned topics are as follows:

  • Decentralisation – How to Strengthen European Self-government?
  • What Investments can Local Governments Afford?
  • Campaign Barometer – What Are Poles Interested In?
  • Regional Perspective on the Fight against Drought and Water Shortages
  • New Reality Requirements – an Interview with the Leaders of the Financial Ranking of Local Government in Poland
  • Energy Security of Local Governments
  • Digital Awakening of Local Governments
  • Cities in the Face of Migration
  • Enlargement of the European Union – Prospects and Threats
  • How to Effectively Promote Cities and Regions Abroad?
  • A Good Mayor – an Efficient Manager. How to Effectively Manage a Municipality?
  • Local Governments – Constant Evolution or the Need for a Revolution?
  • Health Care in Small Localities. How to Prevent Exclusion?
  • The Impact of Tax Reliefs and Preferences on Local Development
  • Cohesion Policy – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  • Local Governments in the Face of Depopulation
  • Unbridled Landfills – How to Solve the Waste Problem?

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