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31st Economic Forum

Karpacz, Poland, 6-8 September 2022

“Europe in the Face of New Challenges””

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of the Economic Forum

3 Days



300+ Debates



4000+ Participants



The Economic Forum is the largest and the most important conference in Central and Eastern Europe.

For 30 years now, the Forum has gathered political, economic and social leaders from over 60 countires around the world. It serves as a platform owing to which the most important figures in European politics and economy can exchange their views. Each year important declarations are made during the Forum, which is why the sessions attract the media from all over the world the most, as well as their effects are echoed among experts long after the Forum’s closure.

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The following thematic paths have a permanent and well-established position in the Economic Forum programme:

  • Healthcare Forum
  • Regions Forum
  • Europe of the Carpathians
  • Polish Community Economic Forum

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