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Recruitment for the 2nd Historical Competition “Poland-Hungary – History of Friendship” has been extended until 31st of January 2023!

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“Poland-Hungary – History of Friendship” is a historical competition organised by the Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies and the Wacław Felczak Polish-Hungarian Cooperation Institute in Warsaw. The project is addressed to students of all grades of public and non-public secondary schools and students of former secondary schools. Applications to participate in the competition can be sent until 31st of January 2023.

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The aim of the competition is to develop historical knowledge about Polish-Hungarian relations and to promote distinguished figures for both countries. The project was held under the patronage of the Minister of Education and Science.

Assumptions of the Competition

The competition is aimed at secondary school students. Its thematic scope is related to three outstanding figures from Polish-Hungarian history: St. Kinga, General Józef Bem and King Stefan Batory.

The winners of the competition will receive scholarships:

1st place – 3,500 PLN 2nd place – 2,000 PLN 3rd place – 1,000 PLN 4th and 5th place – 750 PLN

Financial awards will also be given to teachers – substantive supervisors of the winners of the competition.

Competition objectives

The main assumption of the competition is to develop and nurture the common heritage of the history of Polish-Hungarian relations, in particular:

– emphasizing and honoring the friendship between Poland and Hungary, – developing historical interests of secondary school students, – encouragement to learn about the history of Polish-Hungarian relations, – honoring the memory of outstanding and meritorious persons for Poland and Hungary, – developing the ability to search for information from various sources and their proper use.

Information on the thematic scope, deadlines and how to apply can be found in the regulations.


According to the regulations, any student who expresses such a will has the right to join the school competition. The condition for joining the competition is the notification of participation, which is made by the school director, sending a scan of the previously completed form to the e-mail address indicated by the competent superintendent of education (form in the regulations).

Applications must be sent to the organisers by 31st of January 2023 at the latest. The school stage of the competition should take place by 15th of March 2023. The voivodship (final) stage of the competition until 4th of April 2023. The announcement of the list of finalists and winners is scheduled for 14th of April 2022, and the final gala – during which the competition will be summarised – is scheduled for 18th of April 2023.

List of e-mail addresses to which applications should be sent (only in Polish):

POMORSKIE Kuratorium Oświaty: Krzysztof Kurszewski, starszy wizytator tel. 58 66 93 411 [email protected]

DOLNOŚLĄSKIE Kuratorium Oświaty: Paweł Siciński, starszy wizytator tel. 71 340 64 71 [email protected]

KUJAWSKO-POMORSKIE Kuratorium Oświaty: Maciej Leciejewski, wizytator tel. 52 34 97 609 [email protected]

LUBUSKIE Kuratorium Oświaty: Elżbieta Lipowska, specjalista, tel. 95 725 50 34 [email protected]

ŁÓDZKIE Kuratorium Oświaty: Michał Andrzejczak, starszy wizytator [email protected] tel.: 42 637 70 55 w. 50; Magdalena Mackiewicz, wizytator [email protected] tel.: 42 637 70 55 w. 64

MAŁOPOLSKIE Kuratorium Oświaty: Marta Rogozińska – Owsiak, dyrektor tel. 12 448 11 54 [email protected]

MAZOWIECKIE Kuratorium Oświaty: Ewa Ciastkowska – starszy wizytator [email protected] tel. 24 262-64-50 wew. 105; Paweł Felczak – p.o. zastępca dyrektora – Delegatura w Płocku tel: +48 (24) 262-64-50 wew. 202 [email protected]

OPOLSKIE Kuratorium Oświaty – Tomasz Kowalski – zastępca dyrektora Wydziału Rozwoju Edukacji tel. 77-45-24-409 tel. kom. 605-435-643 [email protected]

PODKARPACKIE Kuratorium Oświaty: Bartosz Szymański, starszy wizytator Tel. 17 867 11 02 [email protected]

PODLASKIE Kuratorium Oświaty: Izabella Zapert, starszy wizytator tel. 86 216 56 43 [email protected]; Bogusław Antoni Zaremba, wizytator tel. 86 216 56 44 [email protected]

ŚLĄSKIE Kuratorium Oświaty: Barbara Knapik, specjalista Tel. 32 606 30 13 [email protected]; Dorota Niedzielska-Barczyk – st. wizytator Tel. 32 606 30 14 [email protected]

ŚWIĘTOKRZYSKIE Kuratorium Oświaty: Paweł Boroń, st. specjalista tel. 41 342 16 27 [email protected]

WARMIŃSKO-MAZURSKIE Kuratorium Oświaty: Ryszard Sajkowski, wizytator tel. 89 52 32 533 [email protected]

WIELKOPOLSKIE Kuratorium Oświaty: Robert Kwiatkowski, wizytator tel. 780 386 057 [email protected]

ZACHODNIOPOMORSKIE Kuratorium Oświaty: Urszula Jeleńska, specjalista tel. 91 44 27 572 [email protected]

We encourage you to participate in the competition!

Download the contest rules

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