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Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies Was a Partner in the Project „Pathways to belonging: From interculturAL dialogue to sociaL Inclusion” (ALL IN)


The project included 7 study visits during which the positive aspects of intercultural dialogue and the possible negative attitudes that may arise were presented through various activities. During these three years we learned about migratory movements which have led to a great heterogeneity of cultures.  Within this project, the project partners collected stories of migrants from different backgrounds. The main purpose of collecting these stories was the assumption that people can identify more easily with different personal stories than with statistical data. This makes it an effective way to bring other cultures closer and to enable understanding of cultural differences.

With the aim of bringing a foreign culture closer to every European citizen, recipes were collected and published during the project. They constitute a bridge to getting to know and understanding cultural differences, and thus bring a foreign culture closer.

As part of the ALL IN project, several panel discussions and workshops were held during the 29th Economic Forum in 2019: Migration Crisis And the EU’s Integrity – Is It Possible to Find a Common Position?Neighbours from Across the Eastern Border. Migrants from Ukraine in Polish SocietyLabour Migration – a Chance or a Challenge?; Integrating Immigrants – Social Challenges to be Faced, Political Price to be Paid.

The final product of the project was presented in a pdf brochure and the recipes and migrant stories were previously published on the blog: https://pathwaystobelonging.home.blog/


Apart of the Institute, project partners consisted of:

  • Zasavje Regional Development Agency (Slovenia)
  • Association for the Development of Voluntary Work Novo mesto (Slovenia)
  • Centre for Democracy and Human Rights (Montenegro)
  • NGO Domovik (Kosovo)
  • Regional Association of Local Government of Western Macedonia (Greece)
  • Gmina Pegeia (Cyprus)
  • Association of City Organizations Foligno (Italy)

The project was co-financed by the European Union’s ‘Europe for Citizens’ program, strand Democratic engagement and civic participation, measure Networks of towns.

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