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Visegrad 4 Business – an invitation to the conference

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On behalf of partners from the Visegrad Group countries, we would like to cordially invite you to participate in the first of its kind Visegrad 4 Business Conference, which will take place on 13th of October 2022 at the Carlton Hotel in Bratislava, Slovakia.

After many months of preparation, we are proud to present the first edition of the Visegrad 4 Business Conference. This ground-breaking event will be an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs and representatives of the private sector from the Visegrad Group countries to discuss the most important issues and present solutions to decision-makers.

Topics that will be discussed include;

  • Post-pandemic recovery and changes in the global economy
  • The security crisis in Eastern Europe: Implications for the economies of the Visegrad Group countries
  • Mitigating the energy crisis in the Visegrad Group countries
  • Internationalization of the Visegrad Group

The conference aims to provide opportunities to reunite the Visegrad Group through business, offering delegates the opportunity to debate the most relevant topics, challenging politicians to adopt new perspectives and build new partnerships. This event will not only be an opportunity for discussion, but also for additional working and networking sessions, and will end with an evening reception. This will help participants, partners and panellists create a stronger network and translate their ideas into concrete results.

Registration and detailed information are available at:


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