We can’t escape from technology in healthcare. How to join the digital transformation?

We see the transformation in health care every day. The use of artificial intelligence, data, applications is becoming a reality. For example, Polish scientists are creating an AI-based platform that analyses the need of blood transfusions and the algorithms used improve the management of transfusions. Technology surrounds us everywhere and we cannot escape it. So, what can we do? Only join this transformation.

It is clear to managers that treatment and diagnosis must be increasingly supported by modern technology. However, this openness does not translate into activities related to patient care, nutrition, cleaning services, security, technical maintenance of the facility. There is a lack of openness to the IT transformation of the service we provide as an outsourcing company and as a co-partner in ensuring patient safety. This development must be coherent. The hospitals in the new reality are hospitals that use technology in all areas of their operation.  Without our services, the safe operation of hospitals would not be possible. It is therefore not possible to make a complete transformation without reviewing the supporting processes that can accelerate that transformation.

We are ready. We offer a complete Optima FM product, an online workforce management system that is available to hospitals. What are the benefits of Optima FM for hospitals? Thanks to the application, direct supervisors have access to on-going verification of staff attendance, which allows for efficient organisation of substitutions, i.e. ensuring the performance of services at the expected level. Working with Optima FM, employees have clear guidelines for their tasks, and direct supervisors can see the progress of tasks’ completion. Supervisors can respond much more quickly to customer needs and to related issues in the facility, such as the implementation of periodic work within a specified period of time, changing the order of performing tasks, urgent – ad hoc tasks.  Most importantly, however, Optima will enable you to collect data needed to tailor your service. The application provides the option to bill based on TASKS PERFORMED, not the cost of required staffing. This frees the cost of the service from being tied to required staffing and allows the service provider to use flexible organisation concepts. We need to perceive, at the level of legislation, the benefits of digital transformation and implement suitable changes, So now is the perfect time to change your approach to creating ToRs. These ToRs based on FTE requirements – have not been changed for decades and are a huge obstacle for us and for the development of hospitals. They do not align with agile technologies and open service management thinking. We all realise that managing people on-line is inevitable. It is only a matter of time when this new reality also reaches hospitals.

Ewa Górska-Herezo, Vice-President of the Management Board, Impel Facility Services Sp. z o.o.