Values or Interests? European Perspectives on the Future of Foreign Policy in a Multipolar World

8th September, 12:10-13:10

Thematic path: International Politics

Partner: Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade (BWA)

Moderator: Emanuele Errichiello, Head of the EU Programme, Centro Studi Internazionali, Italy


Alexander Kulitz, Deputy, Bundestag, Germany

Dorota Czudowska, Senator, Senate of the Republic of Poland, Poland

Urs Unkauf, Director Government Relations, Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade (BWA), Germany

Karl Pilny, Founder, Asian Strategy Institute, Germany


The participants in the debate tried to present the problems and challenges facing Europe in the new global balance of power. The aim of the discussion was to answer the question of what foreign policy European states should pursue in the new realities.

Moderator Emanuele Errichiello gave an introduction to the topic. He highlighted some of the most important problems that Europe has to face. According to him, these are the migration and sanitary crisis and the increasingly expansive policies of China and Russia.

Senator Dorota Czudowska added that there is another serious problem. She noted that Europe is trying to fight climate change and reduce carbon emissions. According to her, it is the climate crisis and the COVID-19 epidemic that are the most serious challenges for the European Union.

Alexander Kulitz, Member of the Bundestag, gave the German perspective. This year’s parliamentary elections in Germany will be extremely important. There are likely to be big changes in Germany’s foreign policy. Apart from China and Russia, he also mentioned India as a competitor. Alexander Kulitz noted that India is a very rapidly developing country.

Professor Karl Pilny referred to his experience gained during his work in Asia. He also confirmed the growing importance of China and India in the international arena. However, Professor Pilny introduced a new thread to the discussion, stating that it is very important to establish business relations with Asia. This will help Europe to understand its Asian partners.

Urs Unkauf, as a representative of the official partner in the debate, noted that Europe is not only the European Union. Cooperation with close neighbours will be crucial.

In conclusion, Europe is facing very great challenges and its position on a global scale will be weakened. The situation of the European Union in a multipolar world depends on the right foreign policy.