TikTok: how to effectively achieve your business goals using positive customer experiences.


TikTok is the leading entertainment platform and our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. We are the only app that users say are “uplifting”, and 75% of them visit us in search of entertainment. The TikTok platform in Europe already has over one hundred million active users and has been downloaded globally over 3 billion times, making it the world’s most popular mobile app.

Thanks to the TikTok platform, companies and brands have a unique chance of reaching their recipients in a positive environment where users are focused on learning about new content, trends, but also brands and products. 46% of our users say they use TikTok to discover something new.

TikTok is, above all, an extremely effective media platform. Thanks to the engaging in-feed video format, the full-screen experience with always on sound absorbs the viewer’s attention to the maximum, allowing you to effectively achieve media, marketing and business goals. TikTok stopped for the second time in a row at the forefront of an ad equity study prepared by Kantar, researching top media and platforms.

The strength of our platform is its unique algorithm, whose main task is to support users in discovering. From the creators’ perspective, it allows you to reach countless audiences without having thousands of followers, using creatively prepared content.

From the perspective of viewers, it allows you to discover countless layers of quality and engaging content, recognizing their interests and on this basis serving videos in a perfectly personalized way. There is no only one TikTok experience, each user of our platform has their own “for you” channel.

Our absolute priority is to ensure the safety of our users and their positive experience. We believe that only in this way will we fulfill our mission as an entertainment platform that brings joy and inspires creativity.