The Polish Minister of National Defense Antoni Macierewicz at 26th Economic Forum in Krynica

The Minister of Defence stressed that the EU must return to its Christian roots, which was founded on – as long as the EU want to fight the threatening danger. “Not a single super state, but as Europe being the homelands” – he added. Minister Macierewicz took part in the discussion panel ” What Unites and What Divides – Security Cooperation in the CEE” held in the framework of 26th Economic Forum.

Antoni Macierewicz stressed that the states of this part of Europe have a lot in common.

He referred to i.a.: a common Christian background and the cultural code. “It does not have to be expressed in religious worship, but it is included in the most basic understanding of its role as civilization. It is a special privilege especially of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, who still consider Christian cultural code as a point of reference in everyday life,” – he said. As another common denominator of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe the Minister referred to the experience of Soviet occupation, and – in some countries – German occupation during the II World War.

“The third threat, which brings a number of problems is the wave of immigrants from North, Central and Far East Africa” – he added. He noted that the countries of Central and Eastern Europe reject the principle of “multiculturalism”, seeing the threat of terrorism.

“What unites us is that all risk can be defeated only if we work together, not as one super state, but getting back to the roots on which the EU as a Europe of homelands was established ” – stressed Minister Macierewicz.