The Polish Deputy Prime Minister in Krynica: There will be no innovation without the participation of scientists in the economic process

Innovations, the role of science and the need to create a new economic model for Poland- these were the main topics discussed at the 26th Economic Forum in Krynica. The Minister of Science and Higher Education, Jaroslaw Gowin, was a guest of some discussions the Forum, i.a.: “Digital Highway and the economy based on data – 2 conditions for sustainable development” and over the Forum he met the representatives of global IT players – Facebook and Google.

Deputy Prime Minister summed up the achievements of his Ministry. It is a Deregulation Act, which will be operational since 1 October, and a small Act of Innovation that has been accepted by the government.

Moreover the Minister said how the first small Act of Innovation, and in 2018 – its final form will eliminate obstacles in the relationship between science and business. The Minister pointed out that

When asked about the role of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in creating innovative economy, Jaroslaw Gowin referred to that as crucial. – There will be no innovation without the participation of scientists in the economic process – he said. What can help us achieve the purpose is a closely coordinated work of selected ministries in the implementation of the so-called “Morawiecki plan”.

The Minister also announced a new strategy for the remaining part of his term. – They key role is given to projects related to cooperation between science and business. – He said. As an example of useful solutions he gave sectoral programs conducted by the National Centre for Research and Development, among others, and the recently opened INNOMOTO addressed to the automotive industry.

The issue of science-business-state cooperation was also undertaken by the Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education, Dr. Peter Dardziński. In his interview with Inpoland he referred to the issue of start-ups.

– The start-up representation cannot afford to wait until the National Center for Research and Development announces the results of the competition next year. Next year, what are now working on, may already be a global brand name for someone else. We need to help them start in the global race – said Dardziński, announcing the streamlining of competition procedures.