The Golden List of Health

The 5th European Congress of Local Governments was a perfect place to announce the Golden List of Polish Health. During a special gala, the awards were presented to ten of the best medical brands in Poland.

Luxmed is currently the most valuable brand in the Polish health care system. Its value has already reached almost one billion PLN. The total value of the 50 most valuable health brands amounts to 6.6 billion PLN, as shown by the first professional list of the most important health care brands on the Polish market prepared for the Institute for Eastern Studies. Owners of the most valuable brands received diplomas and awards on the 8th of April during the European Congress of Local Governments in Krakow. The Polish Association of Pharma Industry Employers (PZPPF) was the main partner of this innovative list.


According to Anna Rulkiewicz, President of Luxmed Sp. z o.o. – the most valuable brand in the Polish healthcare sector: A good brand is the most important thing. We build it primarily through the patient’s positive experiences coming from working with our company. We make sure that they recommend us to others. Thanks to this, we can quickly identify non-active factors, look for what can be done better and how to improve patient’s satisfaction.

The values of each of the brands from the Golden List was estimated by the consulting company Acropolis. When calculating their value, a common method of license fees has been used (hypothetical fees that would be paid by the brand user if he used the brand under a license agreement). The sources of data on brand revenues were: IQVIA (over-the-counter medicines), the Health Companies Ranking published by the Business Insider last autumn, and questionnaires sent to each brand’s owners. Interest rates were estimated on the basis of market benchmarks and brand strength calculated on the basis of results of a dedicated consumer survey. The opinion poll on 135 brands was conducted in March this year by the IBRiS research centre.

Finally, the list covered 75 largest brands, including 54 OTC drugs, 12 hospitals and clinics, seven pharmacy chains and two diagnostic laboratories.

With that being said, it is now worth making a particular reservation here. Pharmacies are forbidden to advertise, which obviously reduces their recognition and, as a result, had a negative impact on the valuation. The situation is completely different in the case of medicines, advertisements of which flood all television channels.

It should also be mentioned that pharmacy chains are reluctant to provide data on their revenues and revenues of pharmacies that operate under their brand name (franchising).

We decided not to publish the value of drug manufacturers’ brands, although we examined the perception and revenues of the 20 largest of them. However, it turned out that their names, often very well known in the world, in Poland are not easily recognisable – especially in comparison to the drugs they produce.

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the full list of 75 most valuable health care brands.