The Economic Forum will definitely be held in Karpacz.The relocation of the event after 29 years has become fact.

A declaration of cooperation in the organization of the Economic Forum in Karpacz for the next six years was officially signed today in Wrocław. The declaration was signed by representatives of a consortium consisting of local governments of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, the city of Wrocław and the city of Karpacz, Wroclaw Airport, Lower Silesian Agency for Economic Cooperation, Hotel Gołębiewski in Karpacz and the Foundation of the Institute for Eastern Studies – the main organizer of the Forum.

The declaration involves taking on the full commitment by all Partners, both organizational and financial, to the developing the Economic Forum and increasing its importance as the most important economic congress in Central Europe. The strong involvement of local governments in this project is especially pleasing, because without harmonious cooperation with them the success of the Forum would be impossible.

The relocation of the Economic Forum to Karpacz ends the 28-year period of its operation in Krynica-Zdrój. For the Institute for Eastern Studies, the organizer of the Forum, it was an extremely difficult decision to make. It breaks the tradition of cooperation with this resort and becomes a great image, organizational and even sentimental challenge. However, the relocation was necessary because it was not possible to reach understanding with the authorities of Krynica. The organizational solutions they proposed and the ever new locations of temporary facilities posed too many logistical, administrative and security risks. Additionally, by dispersing the Forum’s facilities in Krynica, its unique character would change.

However, due to almost 30 Forum’s functioning in this health resort the Institute for Eastern Studies tried to maintain cooperation until the end. Even after the period of accepting offers for cooperation in organisation of the Forum, the Institute considered further proposals submitted by Małopolska voivodeship. The Tender Committee appointed by the Programme Council of the Economic Forum gathered on Wednesday (3rd February) to analyse the last of this offers. Unfortunately the authorities of the Krynica-Zdrój were not willing to fully agree to the most important requirements of the organisers. The Tender Committee maintained its earlier decision to cooperate with Karpacz for the next six years.

The Forum organisers would like to thank Witold Kozłowski, Marshall of Małopolska Voivodeship, who believes in the particular value of the Economic Forum and struggled until the end to maintain its location in Krynica.

The Institute for Eastern Studies is grateful to all those who over the last decades have cooperated in the organization of the Forum in Krynica and invites you to Karpacz.