ECoLG Online – Workshops ‘Purchasing Groups. In Search of Efficiency’

Public procurement is a local government's everyday life. The workshops will introduce the idea of creating purchasing groups, focusing on the…

European Congress of Local Governments – online edition

The event is an introduction to the discussions, which will take place in the traditional form in Karpacz in May 2021.

Technological present, technological future, COVID-19

Przyjęcie nowych technologii i dostosowanie stosunków społecznych, przy jednoczesnym braku utraty siebie, jest największym wyzwaniem naszego…

Changes to the Local Government Roads Fund

The Local Government Roads Fund is an instrument of support for local government units, realizing investments on local government roads.

Geopolitical Analysis of Coronavirus

The epidemic can be resolved with mutual help between communities and states, with mutual solidarity and credible and prompt information.

2nd Poland-Hungary Forum – online event

Second part of this year's edition of the Forum will be held online and will focus on strengthening the relations between the two countries, taking…

Debate “Poland-Western Balkans. Together Towards the Future”

Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies invites you to take part in the online debate "Poland-Western Balkans. Together Towards the Future", which…

The Economic Forum 2020 moved to Karpacz

The Economic Forum 2020 will take place in the new location but on the same date.

The Krynica Economic Forum 2020 and Pandemic-related Restrictions

Central Europe’s key gathering of political, economic and social leaders will take place as planned.

Opinion: Our World Post-COVID-19; a Glimmer of Hope in Midst of the Pandemic

The form of inevitable transformation is subjected to various predictions depending on a point of view.

Opinion: The Spanish New Normality

This is a dramatic moment for Europe, but also a window of opportunity to rebuild the European project foundations.

Covid-19 and the need for a new social contract

Our entire family got Covid-19. We had numerous symptoms, such as persistent chest pain, breathlessness, fever, chills, joint and muscle pain, throat…