Port of Gdańsk invites businesses to locate themselves in Europe’s fastest growing port

The Port of Gdańsk Authority plans to announce a tender for the lease of a 25 ha site located in the deep-water part of the port, in close proximity to the DCT Gdańsk container terminal. “This is a unique location in Europe”, stresses Łukasz Greinke, CEO of the Port of Gdańsk.

This property has immense potential. Its location by the deep-water part of the Port of Gdańsk, combined with investments from both the land and water side, carried out by the Port of Gdańsk along with the Maritime Office in Gdynia, guarantee success for businesses located there. The plot is located immediately next to the Ore Pier. It can be utilised for the construction of a terminal, capable of generating high levels of goods handling.

“We want to be the number one port on the Baltic Sea in terms of total cargo handling. I realise that this will not be an easy task, but I am sure that in a dozen or so years, we will manage to achieve this goal. All the more so as we are already the leader on the Baltic Sea, although only in container handling. Over the last five years, we have placed great emphasis on improving infrastructure, renovating and building new quays, and deepening water tracks. Today, we are reaping the benefits of this, one example is an investment project such as the Baltic Hub 3 in Gdańsk. This is the recently announced expansion of the largest container terminal in the Baltic Sea, DCT Gdańsk, by a modern deep-water quay. This marks the beginning of a new era in container handling in our part of Europe. But we are not slowing down and are preparing more sites for commercialisation. Thanks to such investments, the Port of Gdańsk is rising to the top of the European port league. Not only do we remain the largest Polish port, but today we are becoming the Super Port of Gdańsk, of which the Polish people can be proud. We prove that Poland is a country that can successfully compete in the logistics and transport market with the largest ports in Europe. We are convincing people that it is worth taking the opportunity offered by the Port of Gdańsk. Thanks to the construction of the Baltic Hub 3, our port has been, is and will be Poland’s commercial window to the world. And further rail and road investments, which are being implemented in the hinterland of Poland, will contribute to ensuring that the Port of Gdańsk becomes the port of first choice for exporting goods from Poland to the world”, says Łukasz Greinke, CEO of the Port of Gdańsk.

The Port of Gdańsk is the fastest growing European port of the last decade. Over the past 10 years, it has recorded a 76.5% increase in cargo handling. It is ranked 18th in the European ports ranking today and was promoted to the top three ports in the Baltic Sea in early 2021. After the first quarter of 2021, it confirmed its high position, ranking first in the Baltic Sea in container handling. More than 50 million tonnes of goods are handled annually at the port’s quays. The Port of Gdańsk is an area of more than 700 hectares, where more than a hundred companies of various sectors (petrochemical, energy, agri-food and construction) operate, of which more than 27 carry out their handling through the sea.

The Port of Gdańsk is perfectly accessible from both the water and the land. It has seamless access to the European road and rail networks. It operates the largest ships. The port basins, up to 17 metres deep, accommodate the world’s largest container ships and the largest bulk carriers in the Baltic Sea. The Port of Gdańsk is the only Baltic port that supports direct container connections with China. It is Asia’s maritime gateway to the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, the most dynamically developing region of the European Union. The Port of Gdańsk is a versatile port, handling all types of goods. This includes containers, automotive products, liquid fuels, dry bulk and chemical goods. In addition, it is a port without limitations. It is free of ice and without tides, which keeps the Port of Gdańsk working all year round and always busy.

More info: https://deepwater.portgdansk.pl/en.html