Journalistic accreditations for Institute for Eastern Studies conferences

The Press Office of the Economic Forum invites journalists to participate in:

  • XIII Europe-Ukraine Forum (4-5 February, Rzeszów)
  • II Slovak Forum (5 February, Rzeszów)
  • XIII Innovations Forum (27-28 April, Tarnów)
  • II Poland-Hungary Forum (29-30 May, Stary Sącz)
  • VI European Congress of Local Governments (1-2 June, Karpacz)
  • XXX Economic Forum (8-10 September, Krynica)
  • V Industry Forum (Karpacz)

Accreditation applications can be submitted via the Registration tab. Accreditations granted electronically are free.

Accreditation takes place in two stages – in the first one you must complete the application, which will go to the Forum Press Office. After checking the application and its approval by an employee of the Press Office, you will receive an e-mail with the access code for the second stage of accreditation. After the completion of the second stage, journalists receive an e-mail with confirmation of accreditation.

Accreditation does not include accommodation and meals. If you want to use the organizer’s assistance in booking accommodation and meals, please indicate this in the accreditation form.

More information: biuro.prasowe (at)