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French higher education and intellectual debate during and after the pandemic

The COVID crisis started very abruptly and, in French higher education and research, has brought about changes that may or may not last, when this crisis will be finished.

Accelerating the digital transformation of the public transport system as a result of Covid-19

Over the last decade, digital transformation has represented one of the main challenges for the organisation of urban services, including for public transport. COVID-19 pandemics created a context in which the role of digitalization has become a central point of attention.

Anti-vaccine and anti-COVID Misinformation Trends

Since 2016 we have seen the phenomenon of mis and disinformation firmly take root, evolve and proliferate, and increasingly cause real world harm. As the dissemination of misinformation becomes more complex and dynamic, the methods that governments across the world use to tackle it require a sophisticated response.

Higher Education’s Conquest of the Online World Should Serve its Quality Improvement

The unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic is considered a game-changer within the world of online education. While it did not spur the reinvention of the wheel concerning online instruction, it resulted in a massive shift in the mindsets of universities and business schools, who finally came to terms with digital course formats.

The German IT Industry and Innovation Sector is Becoming Increasingly Interesting as an Expansion Direction for Companies from Poland – Despite the Pandemic

Contrary to expert estimates, the 2020 pandemic period was not as passive in terms of foreign investment in Germany as many predicted. On the contrary: especially entrepreneurs from Poland and other Central European countries in the IT and innovation sector have discovered the German market for themselves in recent months. This is confirmed by the first observations of the current year.

Covid-19: Geopolitical Reset?

Globalisation can still rhyme with proximity and convergence, and the most positive impact of this crisis could be that we understand more clearly the fundamentals we have in common and we are ready to work collectively where disagreement still persists.

School Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced schools to close their gates. The compulsory education at schools will be interrupted for a long time. Therefore, we looked for an alternative system of education. Like in other countries, Slovakia has implemented the distance education as well.

Adjournment Debate on the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

Daniel Kawczynski MP urged the Government to impose sanctions on the pipeline and engage with the Three Seas Initiative on a strategic level, which may balance the effects of the region’s reliance on Russian gas out.

The Regional Chamber of Commerce in Karlovy Vary Helps Entrepreneurs During the Second Wave of the Coronavirus Epidemics

The specificities in the region are that the damages have structural nature, since services and mining industry are dominant in the region. It is the mining industry that has been declining and a hundred of miners were made redundant during the ongoing economic crisis.

A Renewed Focus on Ukraine’s Nuclear Power Sector

Ukraine is the eighth country in the world in terms of nuclear power plant capacity. The country is now in the process of repairing, modernising and finding new technologies to meet the electricity demand.

Public Procurement Challenges During Covid 19 Pandemic Situation- Albanian Approach

Public procurement was one of the areas which was immediately affected by Covid 19 Pandemic and had to face the new reality.