Felczak Institute will be a Partner of the 4th Industry Forum in Karpacz

The Polish-Hungarian cooperation has been significantly developed  in the recent years, not only in the political and social, but also in the economic field. More and more Polish companies are interested in participating in public tenders in Hungary. The export of Polish leather clothes and accessories is rising. Moreover, the number of buyers of Polish buses, trams, construction products and furniture is growing in Hungary.

Both in Poland and Hungary, the agri-food sector is one of the most important and fastest growing sectors of the economy, employing a significant part of the workforce in industry and consisting mainly of small and medium-sized enterprises. Strengths of the Polish and Hungarian food sector include: high quality raw materials and food products, 100% GMO-free, qualified workforce, well-developed supplier network, excellent storage infrastructure, large export potential of food products, R&D potential and traditionally strong educational base. Economic cooperation between Poland and Hungary in the agri-food industry, as well as many others, will be discussed at the 4th Industry Forum in Karpacz on 12-14 December 2019.

This year, for the first time within the Industry Forum, a series of Visegrad Meetings will be inaugurated. The aim of this concept is to promote the development of economic relations and the Visegrad countries as a region as a whole, and thus strengthen the ties between the economies of those countries. Hungary will be the focus country during the first edition of this cycle. Within the framework of this thematic path of the Industrial Forum, discussion panels, talks and presentations will be held, to which guests representing state and non-governmental institutions, policy makers and stake holders from Poland and Hungary companies interested in entering new markets will take part. Guests taking part in the event will represent small and medium enterprises from Poland and Hungary, start-ups, representatives of public administration, experts and the media representatives. This cycle will provide an opportunity for a debate on new cooperation opportunities in the context of ongoing processes of change in the European and global economy.

The partner of the event is the Wacław Felczak Institute of Polish-Hungarian Cooperation aiming, among others, developing mutual scientific, educational, cultural, economic and sporting cooperation, as well as supporting activities that contribute to greater innovation and competitiveness of Poland and Hungary.