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POLISH TOURISM VOUCHER- it’s not over yet

31st Economic Forum Expert features

Until September 30, payments can be accepted with the Polish Tourist Voucher. However, it is worth remembering that this marks the deadline for accepting payment for the service, and the trip itself or the beneficiaries’ enjoyment of tourist attractions may take place later.

By the end of August this year, beneficiaries had activated a total of more than 3.8 million tourism vouchers. And they made payments with them in excess of PLN 2.8 billion. These are funds that have already gone to the Polish tourism industry, but there is still a group of people who have not used their vouchers and can still do so. Although the vacations have come to an end, this does not necessarily mean the end of family trips. Doubtless many families will be eager to take advantage of the school-free weekends and set out to explore closer and farther afield to at least prolong the holiday atmosphere. Tour operators are already preparing special offers that allow you to use a travel voucher and pay for services even before the deadline, and use the paid-for offer in the following months, for example. This is an excellent solution for people who would like to use the funds granted to them, but will no longer set aside time in their calendar in the coming month for a family outing. At the same time, it’s an opportunity for entrepreneurs to receive proceeds from payments made with the voucher as advance payments for future trips and travel services.

– All the time, the Polish Tourist Organization is conducting an intensive information campaign reminding beneficiaries to activate and pay with the Polish Tourist Voucher. We also encourage entrepreneurs who accept voucher payments to inform their guests about the possibility of using this form of payment not only for family vacations, but also for school trips or other types of recreation for children and young people, so that as many funds as possible are used by Polish families and go to the tourism industry – stressed Anna Salamończyk – Mochel, vice president of the Polish Tourist Organization.

School trips

It’s also worth remembering that the Polish Tourist Voucher can be used to pay not only for family trips, but also for organized recreation for children, such as the very popular green schools or even one-day school trips, without accommodation. Such support of the household budget is particularly useful in the first weeks of the new school year, where, in addition to the need to buy a layette or pay for extra activities in schools, there are just proposals for joint class trips. The offer aimed at children and teenagers, green schools or trips to Polish cities is a proposal thanks to which tourism entrepreneurs, owners of accommodation facilities and tour operators have a chance to acquire an attractive and numerous group of customers also outside the hottest season.

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