e-Health during the 3rd European Congress of Local Governments

One of the panel discussions within the Innovation thematic path will be “The opening of eHealth market in Poland and the role of regional government in the process of adapting innovative solutions.” The need to implement an e-documentation system in the Polish healthcare, develop widespread digitisation of medical facilities, as well as innovative solutions in this sector are the issues to be addressed while discussing the prospects for the development of eHealth market and the role of local governments in this process.

During the panel discussion we will look at the benefits resulting from the implementation of innovative solutions, drawing on good examples and opportunities for the development of e-health in Poland.

The discussion will be attended by President Piotr Piątosa from Comarch Healthcare, whose opinion is that: “Innovative solutions such as the City Health allow local governments to implement modern telemedicine services and telecare. With the ability to analyse anonymised data on health in the territorial arrangement gives the possibility to support the education and health prevention in local government units. Using the advanced capabilities of the infrastructure on which rests the Town of Health, residents can use the remote medical care at home, gain easy access to their medical information as well as medical online appointments or receive recommendations on health.”

Among the invited are also Michał Czarnuch, Partner of the Law Domański Zakrzewski Palinka, prof. Dariusz Dudek, Manager II Department of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Interventions, Małgorzata Radwan-Ballada, Vice-President of the Parliament of the Malopolska Region, Sergei Orlov, General Director of the Institute of Medical Informatics and Wojciech Górnik, Deputy Director, Information and Cooperation with the Regions.

The partner of the panel is Comarch Healthcare.