Director of Institutional Affairs and Markets in the Portuguese Directorate General of Energy and Geology will participate in this year’s Europe-Ukraine Forum

Soares is an Engineering graduate in “Energy and Power Engineering” from the Technical Institute of Engineering (IST) of Lisbon and a master’s degree recipient  in “Energy Savings and Planning” from the Institute of Economics and Management of Lisbon.

In 1993, she was appointed the Head of the Energy Efficiency Division of the Directorate General of Energy. From October 1993 until July 2004, she managed the Support Schemes for Energy Efficiency and Endogenous Energy Resources, as well as the Energy Management National Regulation.

Since 2004 she has been working in the Directorate General of Energy and Geology where she held the position of the Director of the European, International and Environmental Affairs Unit. Since May, 2015, she serves as the Director of the Institutional Affairs Unit of the Directorate General for Energy and Geology of the Ministry of Economy of Portugal. She has been responsible for the international and European Affairs in the energy and geology domains, actively cooperating with the European Commission, the EU Council, International Energy Agency  and The Union for the Mediterranean.

In 2014, she was nominated the National Focal Point-Energy of the Horizon 2020 of the European Commission and an energy expert under the European TAIEX Program.

Isabel Soares will take part in the discussion panel: “Challenges for the Electricity Market in the Region”  where with other speakers she will discuss the problems regarding the European electricity market and will try to find the answer to the question on to what extent will it be possible to include Ukraine into the European electricity market having in mind its significant energy-production potential.