Covid-19: lessons and tasks

The time of fighting Covid-19 was a difficult test for health care institutions. There is a lot to do – this is the conclusion of the discussion “Consequences of Covid-19 – what changes in the healthcare system?”, which took place during the Economic Forum in Karpacz. Experts wondered how healthcare will change under the influence of the critical situation in which it found itself, and whether the system has a chance to emerge from the pandemic enriched with new solutions.

Adam Niedzielski, Minister of Health, pointed out that the pandemic was a time of making important decisions, which often did not fit into the norms existing so far. – Difficult decisions had to be made, such as limiting treatments. There was a need for courage in action, a lot of flexibility, everything was happening with a huge emotional load, which everyone experienced in their own way. Everyone had to cope with that – said Minister Niedzielski.

Bartłomiej Chmielowiec, The Commissioner for Patients’ Rights, noted that the pandemic was the most difficult time for patients. As he noted, in 2020, the largest number of calls received from patients were about primary care and finding an appointment for treatment.

The pandemic was not only a test of knowledge, but also an organisational test for healthcare units.

Paweł Ptaszyński, , Chief Medical Officer of Central University Hospital Lodz, pointed out that the pandemic forced hospital managers to work very hard in terms of digitisation. – For hospital directors, it was also an important test of which areas of activity worked well and which did not. After all, hospitals have taken on a huge burden of care for covid patients – emphasised Ptaszyński.

In his opinion, a constant problem in health care is limited human resources, not only in terms of medics, but also in terms of technical and so-called perihospital resources.

Filip Nowak, president of the National Health Fund, said that from the perspective of the National Health Fund, the pandemic was a testing ground for technology and new solutions. – I remember that the decision-making process was very shortened, that at that time we were making decisions, which were often controversial, but if they had not been made, perhaps we would not have met – assessed President Nowak.

At the end of the discussion the head of the Ministry of Health said that solutions were being prepared to consolidate and restructure processes in hospitality.

– The culture of quality, measuring accountability must function in the health system in the same way as they function in the private system – summarized Minister Niedzielski.