Rebecca Harms at the Europe-Ukraina Forum on the eastern neighborhood of the European Union

Rebecca Harms, a member of the Green Party in the European Parliament and a member of the Delegation to the Parliamentary Committee of the EU-Ukraine…

Tomas Matraia among the Guests of the 12th Europe-Ukraine Forum

Director of the strategic advisory group The AdWisers confirmed his particpiation in the 12th Europe-Ukraine Forum in Rzeszów.

Jacques Faure will come to Rzeszów at the Europe-Ukraine Forum

During the Europe-Ukraine Forum, we will also host French representatives.

Suleyman Sensoy in Rzeszow on transatlantic cooperation

Sulejman Sensoy is the chairman and founder of the Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM), which has been operating in the institutional…

Famous Armenian expert and former Minister of National Security – David Shahnazaryan has confirmed his attendance at 12th Europe-Ukraine Forum.

The Europe-Ukraine Forum can not take place without the voice of important personalities from the South Caucasus. One of them will be David…

Christoph von Marschall among the guests of the Europe-Ukraine Forum

Germany has been classified by Zbigniew Brzezinski as so called "active players" at the grand chessboard. Those states pursue engaged policy and are…

Director of Institutional Affairs and Markets in the Portuguese Directorate General of Energy and Geology will participate in this year’s Europe-Ukraine Forum

Soares is an Engineering graduate in “Energy and Power Engineering” from the Technical Institute of Engineering (IST) of Lisbon and a master’s degree…

Famous Azerbaijani diplomat and Secretary General of GUAM Altai Efendiev has confirmed his attendance at 12th Europe-Ukraine Forum

The Europe - Ukraine Forum is not only the guests from the central part of the continent, but also those from across the Caucasus.

Gabriele Simoncini among the Guests of the 12th Europe-Ukraine Forum

President of GENF International Consulting confirmed his particpiation in the 12th Europe-Ukraine Forum in Rzeszow.

Ukrainian deputy minister of youth and sport Oleksandr Jarema on the cooperation of young people during the Europe-Ukraine Forum

Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport of Ukraine - Oleksandr Jarema was confirmed participation in this year's Europe-Ukraine Forum. He gained…

Gabriel Valer Zetea, the president of Maramureș County Council will participate in the upcoming Europe – Ukraine Forum

Gabriel Valer Zetea, has confirmed his participation at the Europe – Ukraine Forum that will take place between 24th – 25th of January 2019, in…

Timothy Jenkins on tourism during the Europe-Ukraine Forum

Timothy Jenkins will be amongst the British guests visiting the XXII Europe-Ukraine Forum in Rzeszow.