The Eastern Institute (full name: Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies) has since its inception in 1992 been active in the field of co-operation among European countries, especially in Central and Eastern Europe. Various projects conducted at different levels have been adding to creation and development of political, economic, cultural and scientific ties among states in the region.

The most important and long-term umbrella project of the IES is the Economic Forum. Over the period of more than twenty years, the Forum has become an important and recognized set of events in this part of Europe and it has been the modern and required debate platform for guests representing civil society, local and regional community circles, political representatives, business world and groups of experts at the international level. In its efforts related to the Forum, the Eastern Institute is supported by the Programme Council. The Council sets the content and programme of the Forum, and gives direction to its further development.

Other statutory projects:
  • organising international seminars, workshops and study visits
  • publishing economic analyses and reports
  • organising internships for Russian, Ukrainian and Belarussian students in top Polish companies

The Economic Forum is the most significant initiative of the Eastern Institute. Organized since 1992, the conference has become one of the most important economic events in Europe attended by political and business elites. The highest level of debates and organizational aspects of the Economic Forum is supported by the Program Council. The Council determines the content and program of the Forum, and indicates directions for its further development. For over last 20 years, prime ministers, ministers, European Commissioners and other prominent figures of political stage and business life in Poland and in Europe have been hosted at the conference.

Launched in 2000, our scholarship programme is addressed to upper-year students who experience financial difficulties and achieve excellent academic results.

In February 2004, the Board of Institute for Eastern Studies, in co-operation with the Institute of Social Transformations in Kiev, granted scholarships to a group of students from the following Ukrainian universities:

  • National Management Academy, Kiev
  • Human Science University, Kiev
  • Economy and Law University, Kiev