Željko Kolar – the chairman of the Croatian Krapina-Zagorski region with road infrastructure in Krakow

Prefect of Krapina-Zagorje County Željko Kolar (Croatia) will be one of the guests of 5th European Congress of Local Governments in Cracow. He will share his experience in politics on local level – he has held the position of Prefect since 2013 – during the debate: ‘ Investments in Roads as a Stimulus for the Development of Communes and Poviats’.

The other panelists are: Andrzej Plonka – President of the Association of Polish Counties, Petr Nesterenko – CEO of “VIAN-Montazh” from Russia, Simion Cretu – General Director of Romanian Regional Development Agency – Center, Mariusz Piatkowski, President of the Board of Trasa Łagiewnicka S.A. and Julie Tran – President of Transport and Urban Planning Committee at Östergötland County (Sweden).

The development of infrastructure and road network is linked to the overall development of the region and its economic integration. If the lack of adequate infrastructure is an obstacle to development, the construction of new road links should be a priority for the local government. Therefore, the participants of the discussion will try to answer the question of what are the greatest infrastructural needs of the regions they represent.