29th Economic Forum

Krynica Zdrój, Poland, 3-5 September

‘The Europe of Tomorrow. ‘Strong’ Meaning What?’

The Economic Forum in Krynica is the largest conference in Central and Eastern Europe. Every year the Forum, which is organized at the beginning of September brings together more than 4,500 international guests. These include political, economic and social leaders as well as approx. 600 journalists. The guests usually come from over 60 different countries of Europe, Asia and America. The Forum’s mission is to create a favourable climate for the development of political and economic cooperation between the EU member states and their neighbours.

Organizational outline:

  • 6 Plenary Sessions
  • More than 200 panel discussions and lectures by formidable personalities from the public sphere
  • Workshops and round-table discussions
  • National and regional presentations

Tentative Agenda:

Day 1:
  • Inauguration inc. Plenary Session
  • Panel Discussions
  • Thematic Blocks
  • Cultural Events
Day 2:
  • Plenary Sessions
  • Panel Discussions
  • Thematic Blocks
  • Cultural Events
  • Economic Forum’s Awards Ceremony
Day 3:
  • Plenary Sessions
  • Panel Discussions
  • Thematic Blocks
  • Cultural Events
  • Closing Ceremony

Thematic tracks:

  • Macroeconomics
  • Business and Management
  • International Politics
  • Europe and the World
  • Forum of Regions
  • Society
  • Security Forum
  • Cybersecurity Forum
  • Energy Forum
  • International Polish Community Forum
  • Investments and Development
  • Europe and the World
  • New Economy
  • State and Reforms
  • Health Care Forum
  • Special Events

The Awards of the Economic Forum:

Similarly to the previous editions, the Awards of the Economic Forum will be given out in the following categories:

  • The Man of the Year 2018 in Central and Eastern Europe
  • The Company of the Year 2018 in Central and Eastern Europe
  • The New Culture of The New Europe

Cultural Programme:

Literature evenings, movie presentations, concerts and evening cocktails organised by the Economic Forum partners. Wide variety of recreational events are also expected.

Recreational Programme:

This is offered during the second and third day of the Forum and includes tours of the touristic and historic venues, culinary and recreational events promoting the region where the Forum is held.

Guests of the Forum:

More than 4,500 guests from Europe, Asia, USA and Middle Easter countries.


  • Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies
  • Economic Forum Program Council
  • Partners of the Economic Forum