16th Economic Forum (2006)
Krynica Zdrój, Poland September 6-9, 2006

European Challenges: The Question of Europe's Identity

Each year the Economic Forum in Krynica Zdrój, brings together decisionmakers, experts and political, economic and cultural leaders. They gather to discuss challenges that the world - and particularly Europe – is facing. By sharing experiences and exchanging opinions, they facilitate making decisions and undertaking projects crucial for both international and interregional cooperation.

• The Economic Forum is a widely-recognized event in Central and Eastern Europe. It has been described in the press as "worth attending". 
• The Forum provides the opportunity for direct contact with international headline-makers. 
• Contacts established during the Forum have frequently been the first step in further cooperation. 
• The XVI Forum will be attended by around 1600 participants from more than 40 countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

• The Forum's Programme contains around 100 debates dealing with timely issues related, among other things, to the economy, politics, science and culture. 
• Participation in the Forum offers an opportunity to become familiar with new trends in economic progress. 
• The Forum can support the optimal planning of a company's development, taking into account possible political-economic changes, which are described, among other things, by reports presented in the Forum.

• The Forum represents an excellent opportunity for company CEOs to present their opinions on current issues, discussed by the politicians. 
• The Forum represents an opportunity for the joint creation and presentation of projects related to the adaptation of binding regulations to changes in the methods of management and functioning of companies in the new reality.

Public Relations

• The presence of around 200 Polish and foreign journalists is a chance for a company to become known in the daily and periodical press, to radio, television and informational agencies, and among Internet portals.
• Statements by the Forum participants are relayed, as they appear, in television and radio broadcasts, by agency and Internet services, and also in the press. 
• The Forum is an appropriate place for advertising a company, since the advertisement will reach the management of more than 500 companies from many branches of industry. The Forum offers, among other things: 
    • unconventional forms of advertising and promotion, customized according to the business profile of the company;
    • Forum publications (such as an advertising folder, the list of participants, the programme);
    • promotional stands;
    • outdoor advertising (balloons etc.);
    • information on the web pages of the Forum.