14th Polish-German Forum in Warsaw (2010)
Warsaw 23-24th June 2010

The Polish-German relations reached such level of normality that it is more and more difficult to argue and become annoyed – said Wladysław Bartoszewski, the plenipotentiary of the prime minister for international dialogue, at the opening the XIV Polish-German Forum.

XIV Polish-German Forum was held in Warsaw, under the banner of "Polish-German cooperation for Europe”. Participants in the meeting discussed the current issues related to the crisis in Eurozone, the eastern policy of the EU, regional cooperation and also the future cooperation in the field of science and innovations. This year's Forum was honoured with the presence of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Germany and Poland. In his speech, Guido Westerwelle stated that German-Polish friendship complements the internal unity of Europe and is a model for reconciliation among nations. However, Sikorski emphasized that „our countries engaged in unprecedented political, economic and social dialogue, touching also on the topic of the painful past. The way, in which Poles and Germans went through difficult historical processes, has today been a model in itself to be followed in reconciliation between other nations”.

Co-chair of the Polish-German Forum, Irena Lipowicz, pointed out that this meeting is "not a forum of Germans and Poles, which operate individually and cautiously exchange opinions between each other, but joint work and thinking about the future – she stressed.

Four topical panel conferences, organized during the two-day meeting, were devoted, among other things, to global and local economic challenges, which are confronted by Germans and Poles, cross-border and inter-regional cooperation between both countries, links between economy and science and the policy of the European Union towards its neighbours. The panels were attended, among others, by: Prof. Rita Suessmuth, Chair of the Management Board of Polish-German Foundation for Science; Elmar Brok, Member of the European Parliament and foreign policy Coordinator of EPP; Andrzej Halicki, Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee of Polish Parliament; Adam Rotfeld, Co-chairman of the Polish-Russian Group for Difficult Affairs; Boris Nadiezdin, Member of the Federal Political Council „Prawoe Dielo”; Prime Minister of Brandenburg Matthias Platzeck; President of Szczecin Piotr Krzystek.

The Polish-German Forum was established in 1976; since that time it has been an important place for Polish-German debate. This role of the Forum was confirmed in the Treaty between the Republic of Poland and the Federal Republic of Germany on good neighbourhood and mutual cooperation of 17 June 1991.

The Forum was attended by more or less 150 persons, including approx. 70  guests from Germany.