Plenary Session:  Association with the EU and What Next?
The Carpathian Europe of Common Values Awards Gala
The 11th Europe-Ukraine Forum gets underway in Rzeszów, Poland
New Silk Road on the Transcontinental Transport Corridors’ Map
From Association to Customs Union? Ukraine in Search of a Realistic Model of European Integration
The Role of Ukrainian Diaspora in Building the European Economy 
Healthcare System Reforms
Cooperation of the Three Seas Initiative´s Countries. Will Ukraine Remain on the Sidelines?
Foreign Advisers, Experts and Managers. Unsuccessful Experiment?
Local Identity as an Opportunity for Tourism Development
Ukrainians in European Countries. Science, Work, Economics
II Eastern Fair
How to Break Russian Suppliers’ Domination? The Modifications on the Central and Eastern Europe’s Gas Market
Cohesion of the Transatlantic Community. Has it Stood the Test of 2017?