Witold Waszczykowski at the Economic Forum in Krynica on healing the EU

The road to healing the European Union means respecting the subjectivity of its member states and the democratic procedures of the EU – said the Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski at 26th Economic Forum in Krynica.

Minister Waszczykowski spoke during the panel pertaining to the common values and interests of the countries of the Carpathians. He noted “the special commitment to the principles of democracy and international subjectivity of sovereign nations in this part of the continent resulting from its historical experience.” – This is a very current issue today, in the face of the crises that has effected the EU – stressed Waszczykowski. He stipulated that the countries of Central and Eastern Europe do not constitute any cooperation against anyone, but to the benefits of the institutions they belong to.

– Our regional Carpathian cooperation is a B plan, not just to oppose the European Union, but to make a better use of our cooperation, our values and to have a greater impact on the politics Europe being in the European Union. This is all to make our region of importance to Western Europe instead of leaving us behind the triangle of  Berlin – Paris – Brussels;

As he said, not coincidentally one of the division within the EU is between “Brussels bureaucracy claiming numerous privileges, and the countries of Central Europe – in our part of Europe, standing on the foundation of respect for our rights. The balance of our membership in the EU is positive especially for our economy and security, and therefore a strategic objective for Polish foreign policy towards Central Europe is to continue our presence in the European Union to complete its unification – said Waszczykowski.