5th European Congress of Local Governments

Kraków, 8-9 April 2019

Multilateral and direct cooperation between European regions and cities has in recent years developed in social and economic fields till the point at which it significantly affects not only politics and the economies of individual countries but also of the entire continent.
In these difficult times cities and regions are refuge of Europe which needs unity and solidarity.
The 5th European Congress of Local Governments is a meeting platform for local leaders and regional elites to exchange views with public administration, NGOs and business.

The diversified programme will consist of 5 thematic tracks, with more than 60 events: thematic blocks, panel discussions, workshops, lectures, presentations and receptions.

Date and place:

  • 8-9 April 2019
  • ICE Kraków Congress Centre, ul. Marii Konopnickiej 17, Kraków


Day 1:
  • plenary session
  • thematic blocks – debates, workshops, lectures, presentations
  • Awards Ceremony – Leader in Local Government
  • banquet
Day 2:
  • thematic blocks – debates, workshops, lectures, presentations
  • plenary session
  • banquet

Programme guidelines:

  • The Alternative Sources of Financing Polish Regions Development in the Context of the New EU Financial Perspective
  • Electronization - the Future of Public Procurement
  • Finances Under Control - Workshops for Treasurers
  • Financing of the Cross-border Cooperation – Instruments and Opportunities
  • Well-Organized Commune - Workshops for Commune Secretaries
  • How Much State How Much Government? Financing of Housing Industry
  • Renegotiation of Regional Operational Programmes - Challenges vs. Expectations
  • Sport As a Tool of Promotion for a Local Government – Is It Profitable?
  • The Carpathian Euroregion Strategy As a Chance to Support The Southern Regions of Poland
  • Benchmarking of post-industrial cities. How to get a new quality?
  • Business and Local Government - Conflict or Symbiosis?
  • A Good Host, Manager, Social Worker - How to Effectively Manage the Municipality?
  • Glocalization – Products, Services and Solutions Designed for Specific Local Markets
  • SMEs' Internationalisation- How to Enter the Global Market?
  • How to Manage Municipal Companies Effectively?
  • Project Management in Local Government - How to Avoid Mistakes and Successfully Implement a Project?
  • The Recipe of the Festival Cities for the Tremendous Success
  • The Role of Port Cities in Today’s Europe
  • Strong image of the regions - how to attract capital?
  • Suburbanization vs Expanding Borders - What Is the Future of Cities?
  • Cooperation between the Local Governments and the Research and Development Centers
  • Design + City - Effective Cooperation Between Designer and Local Government?
  • How to Be „Smart” and Not to Overpay? Local Governments’ Investments in Intelligent Solutions
  • Smart Solutions for Local Government
  • Centrally Managed Programme - Implemented Locally - Support For Modern Investments in the Regions
  • Regional Innovation Strategies
  • Smart City = Safe City – How to Ensure Comfort and Safety in the City of the Future?
  • Smart Village – Are We Ready for This?
  • Wanted: Is the Education a Response to the Market's Law of Supply and Demand?
  • Integration of Migrants – How Cities and Regions Deal With It?
  • How do the European cities cooperate in security and prevention?
  • Residential-Friendly City - A Catchy Slogan, Not An Easy Practice
  • Local Government Policy and Political Parties. Is the Autonomy a Science Fiction?
  • How Much State How Much Government? Financing of Housing Industry
  • The Role of Community Centres in Social Activation and Building Local Community
  • The role of Local Government in shaping the local labor market
  • City Strength Lies in Its Citizens - The Role and Importance of Civil Society
  • How to Create the Local and Regional Identity?
  • "Society Plus", how to help and do not harm?
  • Car-free City Centres. The Polish Perspective and the Practice of Other European Cities
  • Clean as A Whistle - How to Ensure Harmony and Order in the City and Commune?
  • How to Harmonize Global Commitments with Real Regional Low-Emission Policy?
  • How to Develop Tourism in Historic Cities?
  • Touristic Promotion of Regions
  • Go with the (Electric) Current, not Against it! Is the Future of Urban Transportation Doomed to Electromobility?
  • It’s High Time for Urban Transport Revolution – Why Is it Worth to Rent Cars, Scooters and Bicycles?
  • The Neverending Story: Smog. What are the Chances for an Effective Fight against Air Pollution?
  • A conscious circulation. How to effectively promote circular economy?

Congress guests:

Nearly 2 000 people – regional elites, government officials, business executives, NGOs, journalists from all over Europe.


Institute for Eastern Studies, organiser of the Economic Forum in Krynica.

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