“United in stand”. How industrial and technology parks have become the driving force of development?

During the 4th Industrial Forum in Karpacz, a debate was planned about the activity of industrial and technological parks in Poland. Their appearance has contributed to strengthening cooperation between entrepreneurs and the world of science. This translated into increased efficiency of technology transfer and creation of development conditions for innovative companies. How has the position of parks been shaped in recent years? Do the services currently offered in them fully meet the needs of growing enterprises?

One of the main advantages of industrial parks is the possibility of running companies on preferential terms in that areas, which is to encourage their owners to allocate a greater part of their profits to business development. As a result, many small and medium enterprises, often operating on a local scale, were attracted. Because of that, many post-industrial areas have regained their economic functions. In this context, a lot of merit should be attributed to the local authorities, on whose shoulders the responsibility for regenerating these areas rests. Preparation of an attractive investment offer required local governments to ensure the best conditions for doing business. The regions that have skilfully carried out this process today enjoy low unemployment and high GDP.

The idea of ​​creating technology parks assumed focus on designated areas of companies that showed great growth opportunities. It was recognized that in this way it would be possible to provide them with the widest range of business-related services on site, necessary for the harmonious development of enterprises. The involvement of the academic community played a key role, which resulted in increasing the level of commercialization of scientific research. The synergy of the business world with the scientific environment has made parks become poles of growth and innovation on the Polish entrepreneurship map. Especially for novice entrepreneurs, conducting business in their area has become an opportunity to realize their ideas in favorable conditions. It should be remembered that in addition to the benefits associated with the location and appropriate infrastructure, invaluable help is provided by teams of experts whose knowledge and experience constitute the greatest added value.

The parks’ main advantage is the possibility of cooperation of many entities from innovative industries, driving each other in creating new products and searching for innovative solutions. Everyone interested in deepening knowledge on this subject is invited to the 4th Industry Forum taking place in Karpacz.