Tourism - How to Use the Potential of the Region?

We kindly invite you to take part in the discussion Tourism – How to Use the Potential of the Region?, that will be held during 3rd Industry Forum in Karpacz.

While deciding where to spend our holiday, we base our decisions not only on natural or historic values but also on cultural ones that tourist destinations can offer. The promotion of the national tourism often refers to regionalisms and linguistic diversity, which we were not fully aware of. Can this variety be a driving force for economies of less developed regions? How to invest in culture to make the region touristically attractive? Can the region’s diversity be a dark horse player in the game for the tourists attention?

The speakers of the debate are:

  • Maryana Oleskiv, Directorof the Center for Tourism Development of Lviv (Ukraine)
  • Yuriy Opanashchuk, President of the Association of Hotels Union and Hotels of Ukraine (Ukraine)
  • Kamila Cyganek, Deputy Mayor of Karpacz (Poland)
  • Oksana Prishchepova, President of the Kaliningrad Regional Public Organization “Woman’s World” (Russia)
  • Miroslaw Bieniecki, President of the Sloughter Race Foundation (Poland)
  • Agnieszka Puszczewicz, Representative Director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Branch Office (Poland)

The discussion will be moderated by Leszek Zegzda, Member of the Board of Malopolska Region Marshal’s Office (Poland).