Tomas Matraia among the Guests of the 12th Europe-Ukraine Forum

Director of the strategic advisory group The AdWisers confirmed his particpiation in the 12th Europe-Ukraine Forum in Rzeszów.

Tomas Matraia is Director of The Adwisers, specialised in internationalisation, innovation and adaptive leadership for the private and public sectors. He also serves as Executive Director of the multidisciplinary platform The Node for Opportunities, Development and Environment, a non-profit organisation promoting sustainable development solutions and innovation. He is a frequent speaker at numerous international events and debates, providing also facilitation, moderation and dedicated trainings in innovation processes, leadership, change, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution and communication.

He previously served in the United Nations and European Commission working on international cooperation, sustainable development, science, technology, research and innovation along with social inclusion, outreach and partnerships.

Tomas holds a Master degree in Political Sciences and International Relations, a Postgraduate Specialisation in Human Rights and Development and was a guest researcher at Oslo University.

During the 12th Europe-Ukraine Forum Mr. Matraia will moderate a discussion panel How to Build Innovative Economy Efficiently? Experiences – Inspirations – Strategies. The main purpose of the discussion will be to find a solution to avoid a peripheral development model of the economies of Central and Eastern Europe. Different strategies for supporting innovation have been adopted in different countries of the region, and the results of this policy are also different. The panellists will try to answer the question what are the reasons for these differences, and if the region should draw inspiration from other parts of the world or look for its own model.