Timothy Jenkins on tourism during the Europe-Ukraine Forum

Timothy Jenkins will be amongst the British guests visiting the XXII Europe-Ukraine Forum in Rzeszow.

At present Jenkins is employed in Visit England/Visit Britain and advises the UK Government on areas that affect its international image, soft power and global tourism competitiveness. BREXIT has already negatively impacted the number of tourists visiting the UK and this number is likely to drop even more, after the UK official exists the EU on the 29th of March. That is why the role of tourism-focused government bodies has never been greater. Before going into tourism, Timothy was a researcher and a press officer for one of the Members of Parliament in London.

He has graduated his BA course at the University of Exter and holds an MA degree in International Affairs and Diplomacy from the University of Buckingham.

Jenkins will take part in a panel discussion – Tourism and the Economic Development of Cities and Regions. What Is Needed to Achieve Success? which will focus on showing the positive correlations between tourism and economic development. Tourism creates new jobs and well-targeted tourist products result in an increase in the number of visitors and create an opportunity to deepen contacts in all socio-economic areas.