Think innovative! Prof. Ulrich Weinberg from HPI School about innovativness in the CEE region at the Economic Forum

Prof. Ulrich Weinberg is the Director of the HPI School of Design Thinking since 2007.. He has been board member of DGQ German Society for Quality since 2014, co-founder of WeQ-Foundation and is the founding president of the GDTA Global Design Thinking Alliance with members in 5 continents. In his current book “Network Thinking – Beyond Brockhaus-Thinking” he calls for radical new thinking in education and business. The German business magazine “Handelsblatt” put him on the list of top 100 innovators in Germany.

With no doubts, creativity and innovativeness is the key to competitiveness and growth of the European economy. Prof. Ulrich Weinberg will speak in one of the debates on “Innovative Central Europe – New Cooperation Possibilities in the Region ” From the global perspective Central Europe remains an alternative for foreign investors for China or India. Therefore it is very important that all the countries from the region cooperate on development on innovation and sustainable development. What kind of obstacles do we have to face by developing innovative economy? What kind of legislative changes shall be introduces in order to enhance this kind of cooperation? And last, but not least, is there a strong political determination to strengthen the cooperation and the innovation field?

These question and other topics will be discussed in the session “Innovative Central Europe – New Cooperation Possibilities in the Region.” The panel will be moderated by Renata Anna Jaksa, Director of the ICEG European Center from Hungary. Together with Weinberg the following speakers will take part in the debate: Vazil Hudak, Vice-President, European Investment Bank,  Andrii Zablovskyi, Head of the Secretariat of Entrepreneurs Council, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine,, Grzegorz Napieralski, Senator from Poland, Jerzy Kwiecinski, Polish Minister of Investment and Economic Development, and Laszlo Gyorgy, Minister of State for Economic Strategy & Regulation from Hungary.

Before his profession at HPI Mister Weinberg was an expert for computer animation and games, holding a professorship at Potsdam Film University and a visiting professorship at the Communication University of China, Bejing.  With a teaching team of 35 professors and assistants he runs a project- and team-based program for 120 students, representing 70 disciplines, 60 universities and 20 nations. The Design Thinking approach has become highly attractive for large corporations throughout the last years, more than half of Germany’s largest companies are using Design Thinking as part for their digital transformation and cultural change processes. More than 3.000 professionals are trained in Design Thinking every year at the HPI.