Think Globally, Act Locally – Globalisation vs Glocalisation

Every global product has a chance of better reaching the consumer if only there is an idea in the local aspect. A special term was even created for such a process – glocalisation. It is the adaptation of global brands and their advertising to the conditions of the local market.

We cordially invite you to take part in the discussion ‘Think Globally, Act Locally – Globalisation vs Glocalisation’, that will take place during 28th Economic Forum in Krynica Zdrój. The speakers of the panel will talk about marketing and development strategies, that are used by enterprises and local authorities.

Glocalization is a new term coined out of a strained relationship between ‘global’ and ‘local’. It is about differentiation and adaptation of a company’s global offer to local standards so as to reach out to a wider audience while gearing their services to local needs. Various companies – mostly large, international corporations – started transforming their offers and advertising campaigns, depending on the requirements of the region of the world, where they act. This way, they want to reach a wider scale of consumers. The most known case of such strategy used in enterprises is McDonadl’s, which introduced products characteristic for a given region on most foreign markets.

Can glocalisation drive local entrepreneurship? How can the active use of local specificities help flourish regions or brands? Can innovative advertising methods and strategies help in achieving the goals?

The guests of the panel will be speakers from Poland, Italy and Slovenia. The panel will be moderated by Timo Hämäläinen, creator and author  of Urban Finland Blog. He is a consultant in citizen engagement. He works with Maptionnaire to help cities digitize their public participation practices. Timo also actively discusses today’s urbanity and his blog has been chosen among the ‘best city blogs around the world’ by the Guardian.