The Speaker of the Polish Senat Stanisław Karczewski will be the guest of 3rd Industry Forum in Karpacz

The Speaker of the Polish Senate – Stanisław Karczewski has confirmed his participation in 3rd Industry Forum in Karpacz (8-10 December 2017).

Since November 2015 he has been the Speaker of the Senate /Ninth Term/. Previously Mr Karczewski was the Deputy Marshal of the Eighth Term Senate and a member of the Sixth Term Senate.

He is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw /1981/. He obtained the second degree of specialization in general surgery in 1993. He has been a  member the Law and Justice political party since 2003 and has been the head the Law and Justice electoral campaign in 2015.

Stanislaw Karczewski is a frequent visitor to our events. During the plenary session of 2nd Industry Forum in Karpacz he positively assessed the government’s steps that aim at concentrating the economic decision-making process in the Council of Ministers’ hands.