The President of the Regional Development Association, Iva Kuprešak, about the role of creativity in region’s development.

Positive growth of enterprises and respective regions depends on creative projects. Over exaggeration or solution to hurdles limiting region’s development? Iva Kuprešak, the President of the Regional Development Association, alongside esteemed colleagues,  Joanna Holda, Director, Lublin Design Institute, Ulyana Nazarova, Director, Training Center of the State Employment Service, Valeriy Vorotin, Head of the Department, Legislation Institute of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine,  Daniel Juravle, Head of the Economic Co-operation Bureau of Iasi Town Hall,  Ryszard Pukala, Vice-Rector, State Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jaroslaw, Boguslaw Kosmider, Deputy Mayor of the City of Krakow, City of Krakow, will participate on the panel on Creative Projects – The Key to the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Regions on Wednesday, September 4th.

The understanding of economic development has undergone a change in the recent years. The framework around sustainable development goals in addition to regional development strategies encompasses promotion of creative project and encourages policies that support entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.  In other words, the economic value in creativity, a relatively recent phenomenon, recognizes enhanced socioeconomic development as a result of region’s investment in talent and innovation. Nevertheless, are governments still overlooking the value of creativity by investing more time and funds in traditional approaches and initiatives which often deem counter-productive? Are creative projects the real driver of the economy in the 21st century?

The President of Regional Development Association, Iva Kuprešak, is an expert on revitalization of deprived regions employing creativity and interdisciplinary/ innovative approach as the base for their socioeconomic transformation. Frequent speaker at various forums/conferences and a guest lecturer at some of the most prestigious universities in the world, Iva has implemented numerous developmental projects all over the world in collaboration with various Foundation and Institutions in USA and Europe. Regional Development Association supports positive economic transformation of the Western Balkans, with focus on Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and the surrounding countries, by implementing multimillion projects funded by the EU funds and other financial mechanism in partnership with local governments and other public entities.