The discussion “How to Invest in the Health of the Employees?” at the Industry Forum in Karpacz

A commonly accepted belief that there is no healthy economy without a healthy society should lead into a situation where the innovative methods and tools in diagnostics, prevention and health education on the line employer/employee are implemented. Appropriate management of the healthcare programmes in companies assuming promotion of healthy lifestyle and early detection and prevention of diseases may influence the general health condition of the society. The good health of an employee is also crucial for work efficiency and longer activity on the job market.

Good health shape of employees has a significant contribution to increasing labour efficiency and  productivity  and affects longer labour market participation. In the situation of growing healthcare costs and difficult situation on the labour market, introducing modern tools and methods in diagnostics, prevention and health education shall be in the common interest of both the employers and the state.

As Peter Nowak pointed out “health management is not common in Poland and is often underestimated by the public opinion. Peter Nowak – Vice-Chairman of the Polish Innovative Cluster PIKMED –  will chair the debate in Karpacz entitled: Health Programme in Enterprises. How to Invest in the Health of the Employees? “Healthy lifestyle is nowadays characterised by wealthy society group, living on higher life standards. However, the more prosperous the society becomes, the more free time it has and cares more about the healthy lifestyle. It leads towards increasing social inequalities within the healthcare system. What is badly needed, are properly coordinated and conducted pro-health activities targeted to all employees, irrespective of their marital status. Thanks to applying and consolidating proper patterns of healthy lifestyle among the employees, and, not directly, in their families, a general improvement of health shape in a certain part of society is possible”,  stressed Peter Nowak.

“A good example of best practices are health programmes carried out in Germany” argues Enrico Triebel – attorney, founder and member of the board of the Polish-German Society of Health and Social Affairs, who will be one of the speakers of the conference in Karpacz. “We don’t have to look for any special solutions, we should just use the German experience in this matter. It concerns the impact of certain methods of prevention on direct health effects. Considering the need of financing of this kind of programmes mostly by the employers and the state institutions, it is crucial to optimise the invested funds in such a way, that the biggest possible group of people could take advantage of it”.

Patrick Hoffmann, manager of the BKK VBU Berlin office, will present his practical experience. The Berlin based Health Maintenance Organization BKK VBU has successfully conducted and developed health programs for a number of years in Germany.

Dr Konrad Rydzyński, Director of the Institute of Occupational Medicine in Lodz and Chairman of the Working Group on changes in the healthcare of the employees in the Ministry of Healthcare who has also confirmed his participation in the debate, makes clear that the awareness of pro-health behaviour of the Polish society is pretty low.

“According to the directional changes prepared by the Working Group, the preventative medical care of the employees shall be an integral part of the healthcare system in Poland. That is why an intensified cooperation among occupational medicine experts, security and hygiene at work and human recourses management towards common planning and introducing pro-healthy activities has been proposed. The responsibility for the employees’ health should be defined by the top level managers, Dr Rydzyński pointed out.