The discussion about the energy security in economics at the Industry Forum in Karpacz

The growing importance of energy security will be discussed by the leading experts from different European countries. The discussion will take place during the Industry Forum in Karpacz, 12-14 December.

Access to energy, free of political barriers, is necessary for dynamic industrial development. European countries are concerned with energy security, which is primarily associated with diversification of energy sources and independence from eastern deliveries.

What actions should be taken in order to ensure that? What are the challenges faced by the companies carrying out infrastructural projects in the field of natural gas, oil and electricity interconnections? International experts and energy companies representatives will analyse a series of aspects related to the problems discussed above in an attempt to answer specific questions. The discussion will be moderated by Mykola Voytiv, columnist and anchor, head of New Generation Manadement NGO (Kyiv, Ukraine).