The debate about the changes in the vocational education system at the 2nd Industry Forum

What changes should be introduced in the vocational training system to really impact the situation on the labour market? Is the dual education system currently the best solution for the needs of the economy? What should be the role of employers? At the upcoming Industry Forum (8-10 December) the participants of the panel Vocational Training as a Pillar of Economic Growth will try to answer these and many other questions.

The changes announced by the Ministry of Education aimed at improving the current system of education will be the key topic of the debate. Minister Anna Zalewska is to participate in the mentioned panel. Varvara Altunina, Deputy Head of Academy, Kaliningrad State Technical University, Russia  and Oleg Vostrykh, President, Foundation “High School of Professional Politics”, Ukraine will present, among others, their points of view on vocational training.

We cordially invite you to take part in the discussion!