The 10th Anniversary Edition of the Europe-Ukraine Forum gets underway in Rzeszów, Poland

The 10th Europe-Ukraine Forum, accompanied by the 1st Eastern Fair, will bring together approx. 1,000 delegates from 25 countries, more than 40 events, including debates, lectures, and presentations by experts and Ukrainian regions. The leading theme of this year’s meeting is “Opportunities Not To Be Missed”. The main issues of Europe-Ukraine Forum Jubilee will be discussion about necessity of acceleration of changes in Ukraine to use a social potential that was unleashed during the Dignity Revolution and Ukraine found its place back in European family.

Among the 1,000 participants expected to gather in Rzeszów are government officials, MPs, EU decision-makers, businessmen and experts from Ukraine, Poland, the EU and the United States. Close to 100 journalists have been accredited to provide the event’s media coverage.

The Opening Session will be followed by the presentation of the Ukraine 2016 Report, prepared by The Razumkov Centre for Economic and Political Studies, the opinion-forming and worldwide renowned Ukrainian think tank. Subsequently, 35 discussion panels will follow under 4 thematic tracks: Business and Economy, European Integration and Reforms, International Politics, Society.

In the thematic track devoted to the reforms and the implementation of the Association Agreement, the most interesting topics are those related to the consequences of the growing Euroscepticism and the crisis of the European project for Ukraine’s aspirations. We also intend to talk about the usefulness of the Polish model of transition for Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries. The economic thematic track promises noteworthy discussions on energy security, the prospects of Ukrainian agriculture, the role of national capital and state-owned companies as well as opportunities for Central Europe and Ukraine arising from the “New Silk Road”. In terms of international politics, the major question is whether it is possible to unfreeze the Russian relations with the West (especially in the context of the outcome of the US presidential election) and what it could mean for Ukraine. We will also discuss the Poland-Ukraine relationship, and the effects of the Warsaw NATO summit for the Alliance’s partner countries. Regarding social issues, worth recommending are debates devoted to counteracting the Russian propaganda in Europe, to historical policy, de-communization and lustration.

The 10th Europe-Ukraine Forum will be accompanied by the 1stEastern Fair, which will be attended by over 50 companies mostly from Poland and Ukraine (representing the following industries: agri-food, construction, automotive, transport, logistics, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, insurance and recreational, financial and real estate) and by Polish and Ukrainian regions and institutions. The event will be an opportunity not only to present the offer of companies and regions, but also to strike cooperation.

The Europe-Ukraine Forum is one of the events organised by the Warsaw-based Institute for Eastern Studies. Its first edition took place in Wrocław in 2007, the following four (2008-2011) were held in Kiev. In 2013, the Europe-Ukraine Forum was held in Budapest, in 2014 – in Krynica, and in 2015-2016 – in Łódź. Each one was attended by several hundred participants.

The venue for the 10th Europe-Ukraine Forum and the 1st Eastern Fair, co-organised by Podkarpackie Voivodeship, is the Exhibition and Congress Centre in Rzeszów-Jasionka.