Expert’s commentary: Moving ahead from COVID-19

The recent Coronavirus outbreak took all governments by surprise. No one was prepared for a crisis of this kind and scale. In Central Eastern Europe,…

2020 will go down in history as the 21st century’s EU turning point thanks to COVID-19

Things that had been awaited for more than 20 years are happening within days and weeks. We must all not waste this historic moment.

Expert’s commentary: The situation with coronavirus in the South Caucasus

The spread of coronavirus in all three countries of the South Caucasus is fundamentally different and it demonstrates different patterns of behavior…

Expert’s commentary: Qualifications lead to emigration

The outbreak of the coronavirus and related massive layoffs, falling wages and disappointments - the first months of 2020 have become a real test for…

Spain suffers from a large reduction in employment due to the Covid-19

Małe przedsiębiorstwa i wolne zawody stanowią największy odsetek zatrudnienia w Hiszpanii. Kraj, którego gospodarka w największym stopniu opiera się…

Interview with Luis Garcia Montero, director of the Cervantes Institute [video]

Luis Garcia Montero, director of the Cervantes Institute, talks about the unquestionable importance of the cultural sector for the country.

Expert’s commentary: Consequences of the Coronavirus Pandemic for Russia

Economic, social and political consequences are discussed.

Expert’s commentary: Estonian creative industries – only the strongest will survive

Just after the state of emergency was declared in Estonia, the creative industry companies started to map potential influences on their businesses.…

Covid 19 and the “Phase 2” of the Italian system. Prospects for the future

Italian Prime Minister issues the DCPM "Relaunch Italy" decree, which while on the one hand continues to operate on the sanitary protection front, on…

Ukrainian labour market during quarantine

the numer of job offers and CVs indicates important changes in the economy during the quarantine restrictions.

Hungary – Economy Protection Action Plan

The aim of the measures taken is to save existing jobs and create new ones, strengthen priority sectors, provide financing for business and protect…

Expert’s commentary: How COVID-19 influenced digitalisation and digital technologies in Ukraine

Concerns areas of Ukrainian medicine, education, social systems, state and legal services, as well as financial sector, Logistics and trade