Covid 19 and the “Phase 2” of the Italian system. Prospects for the future

Italian Prime Minister issues the DCPM "Relaunch Italy" decree, which while on the one hand continues to operate on the sanitary protection front, on…

Inteview with Gigi Donelli, Editor-in-chief of the Radio24 | Il Sole 24 Ore

In Italy, 5 million people work in the tourism sector. More than 50%, more precisely 53% of the profit in tourism comes from foreign tourists.

Inteview with Luca Steinmann, who documented COVID-19 crisis in hospitals in Northern Italy [video]

I often hear people saying: "if I don't die of coronavirus, I'll starve to death."

Report from Italy: the fight against coronavirus continues

However, the emergency is still ongoing, so revival of the country is subject to the adoption of many precautions, such as physical distance and the…

Gabriele Simoncini among the Guests of the 12th Europe-Ukraine Forum

President of GENF International Consulting confirmed his particpiation in the 12th Europe-Ukraine Forum in Rzeszow.

The Eastern Institute’s representatives took part in an international conference on migration

„Lands of Future. Migration and Territorial Development in Favour of Sustainable Growth” – under this title an international conference in Priero was…