The Polish Minister of National Education will be the guest of the 3rd Industry Forum in Karpacz

Anna Zalewska has confirmed her participation in 3rd Industry Forum in Karpacz (8-10 December). The Minister will join the discussion panel…

We invite startups to Karpacz. „Climb the peak!”

During the Industry Forum startups will have the opportunity to present their achievements and solutions to potential business partners.

3rd Industry Forum – In search of the most efficient economic development model in Poland

The Forum will provide an opportunity to broaden the discussion on key European industry issues.

Change the date of the 3rd Industrial Forum in Karpacz

We would like to kindly inform you, that due to the organizational reasons, the date of the 3rd Industry Forum in Karpacz, Poland, has been modified.

3rd Industry Forum in Karpacz – online registration is open

The Industry Forum in Karpacz (8-10 December) will be a platform for exchange of views and a meeting place for nearly 700 people.

The Panel “Health Care – Cooperation in Cross-Border Regions” at the 2nd Industry Forum

Cross-border cooperation can lead to a substantial improvement of the health care quality in border regions. But still, there are huge barriers…

The 2nd Industry Forum

The 2nd Industry Forum in Karpacz, held on 8-10 December 2016, was an opportunity for a broad debate on the key issues of European industry. During…

The analysis of “Krynica declaration” of the biggest Polish companies over 2nd Industry Forum in Karpacz

Over 2nd Industry Forum in Karpacz (8-10 December 2016) key challenges of Polish and European industry will be discussed. The issues that were raised…

Industry Forum – Image Gallery

Industry Forum - Image Gallery

The Plenary Session “Efficient State – Strong Industry” at the 2nd Industry Forum in Karpacz

Only a strong state can ensure its citizens prosperity and security. The last years of the economic crisis in Europe have shown that countries with…

Digital Economy – discussion on digitization in Poland during the Industry Forum

According to media reports, Sweden considers to be the first country in the world to introduce an official digital currency. For many years, Sweden…

Will the digitalisation of sale lead to gradual disappearance of traditional retail trade?

We all face different aspects of the 4.0 revolution in the industry. One of its facets is new quality in trade called Shopping 4.0. This issue will…