11th Europe-Ukraine Forum – Image Gallery

11th Europe-Ukraine Forum – Image Gallery

3rd INDUSTRY FORUM in Karpacz

Już po raz trzeci Forum Przemysłowe przyciągnie do Karpacza najważniejszych przedstawicieli polskiego i europejskiego przemysłu. Podczas Forum…

The Three Seas Initiative in Tallinn

The most important aspect of the Three Seas Initiative for Estonia is the cooperation in the area of digitisation and cybersecurity – said Robert…

Change the date of the 3rd Industrial Forum in Karpacz

We would like to kindly inform you, that due to the organizational reasons, the date of the 3rd Industry Forum in Karpacz, Poland, has been modified.

Adriatic – Baltic – Black Sea. Visions of Cooperation – the debate in Riga

During a discussion on the "Adriatic-Baltic-Black Sea. Visions of cooperation" on Monday, Ewa Dębska, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the…

3rd Industry Forum in Karpacz – online registration is open

The Industry Forum in Karpacz (8-10 December) will be a platform for exchange of views and a meeting place for nearly 700 people.

Krynica-2017: HCV Virus may completely disappear

If more HCV infections were diagnosed, it could be eradicated from our globe in 15 years.

Economic Forum 2017 – photos

The Economic Forum in Krynica is the largest conference in Central and Eastern Europe. Every year the Forum, organized at the beginning of September…

How to become a business leader? Polish champions – coverage of the Forum’s session

“Small businesses are to become larger businesses, larger are supposed to continue growing and the largest ones are to conquer the world,” said Prime…

Politics. Serving values or interests? Beata Szydło and Cardinal Dziwisz at the plenary session

The moderator Danuta Holecka from TVP kicked off the discussion with the question “What’s politics?”

What will be the future of democracy and free market economy – the Forum’s plenary session

Stanisław Karczewski, Speaker of the Senate of the Republic of Poland said that the subject of migration was particularly important and electrifies…

The 27th Economic Forum in Krynica begins

Today (5th September) the 27th Economic Forum in Krynica Zdrój has begun. The largest conference of this type in Central and Eastern Europe will be…