Project “Polish-Czech Forum. Poland and the Czech Republic Towards the Contemporary Challenges”

Its aim is to develop cooperation between Poland and the Czech Republic as well as to exchange experience related to mitigating the effects of the…

Opinion: Our World Post-COVID-19; a Glimmer of Hope in Midst of the Pandemic

The form of inevitable transformation is subjected to various predictions depending on a point of view.

Opinion: The Spanish New Normality

This is a dramatic moment for Europe, but also a window of opportunity to rebuild the European project foundations.

Covid-19 and the need for a new social contract

Our entire family got Covid-19. We had numerous symptoms, such as persistent chest pain, breathlessness, fever, chills, joint and muscle pain, throat…

Croatian tourism in the times of pandemic. About the tourist season, assistance for the industry and plans for the future

This year Croatia will be visited by about 30% of the number of visitors compared to 2019, which was a record year in this respect with almost 21…

Expert’s commentary: Moving ahead from COVID-19

The recent Coronavirus outbreak took all governments by surprise. No one was prepared for a crisis of this kind and scale. In Central Eastern Europe,…

Unemployment rate in Poland will not soar

It turns out that - due to the difficult border traffic - economic migrants will not come to work in Poland this year.

2020 will go down in history as the 21st century’s EU turning point thanks to COVID-19

Things that had been awaited for more than 20 years are happening within days and weeks. We must all not waste this historic moment.

Expert’s commentary: The situation with coronavirus in the South Caucasus

The spread of coronavirus in all three countries of the South Caucasus is fundamentally different and it demonstrates different patterns of behavior…

Expert’s commentary: Qualifications lead to emigration

The outbreak of the coronavirus and related massive layoffs, falling wages and disappointments - the first months of 2020 have become a real test for…

Spain suffers from a large reduction in employment due to the Covid-19

Małe przedsiębiorstwa i wolne zawody stanowią największy odsetek zatrudnienia w Hiszpanii. Kraj, którego gospodarka w największym stopniu opiera się…

Expert’s commentary: Consequences of the Coronavirus Pandemic for Russia

Economic, social and political consequences are discussed.